Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Hello lovely folks,

It's been a while since I've done a Wedding Wednesday post, the last was the Malone House Bridal Fair but that was kind of a Wedding Sunday but today I hope to make it up to you all. We are pretty sure that we will be having a winter wedding, Yay! We are thinking about December 2013 (tentatively) which means Christmas!

I hate warm weather, it's nice to be lounging around in but the prospect of getting dressed up, hurried, flustered, primped and preened in the heat makes me feel stressed and overheated. My other half often says he runs about 2 degrees higher than most folk anyway so I hate the thought of him being sticky and uncomfortable on what should be a lovely day. And I hate the thought of a rainy humid day ruining my hair after ten minutes and unleashing my curls on the world in all their frizzy splendour.

Often people seem to get married in the summer for the weather. Well being that this is Northern Ireland and it has been bucketing with miserable rain all summer I don't think summer assures that weather. I'd rather get married in winter when due to the cold we may have less rain and more frost. My thought is that if I plan a day which doesn't require there to be amazing weather that's a serious load off my mind. It would of course be lovely to get a crisp frosty winter day, maybe a little smattering of snow just for the photos. But if I don't expect amazing weather I'm not going to be annoyed when I don't get it.

We're thinking December so obviously Christmas will have an influence. I put together some of my favourite Christmas wedding pins. The credits are below, let me know your opinions.

So much love for this! Bauble bouquet.

A really cute idea for a place holder

Instead of confetti or bubbles, how about little bells to greet the newly weds!

Loved this bouquet, the berries and the white roses, Christmassy but not too involved.

Love these berries against the white linens

Christmas doesn't always have to be red, purple and gold is a lovely compromise.

Again Christmas doesn't have to be red, purple or green, here's a lovely take on golds and wheat colours.

Beautiful starry canapés 

Loving these pictures very pretty

Loving the Christmas tree background

Often with Christmas dresses sashes in colours are added, I'm not sure if I'd like this for my dress but I do think it is pretty.

I thought this was a little bit gorgeous, I just loved the trims for a winter wedding

First things first I love gingerbread, aren't these fabulous little centrepieces. I know you can buy kits so your guests can decorate their own gingerbread houses!

This couple are gorgeous!

I love the whole theme here

Beautiful ideas, I love the bauble, and the little fur shrug

Again Christmas doesn't have to be red and green, it also doesn't have to be grandiose. I love the simplicity here. I also love that massive penguin cake!

I love all of this. I especially love the idea of candy canes as favours. I would also love sleigh bells, perhaps on my bouquet and I am obsessed with snow flakes. 

Gorgeous purple again, I love this as an option outside of red and green.

A gorgeous natural hemp centrepiece

Love this, simple, pretty and not too much

This couple are just beautiful, this is my dream winter wedding scene!

So there you have it folks my Christmas wedding ideas, are there any you like? What says Christmas to you?

Much Love

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