He Shows Me He Knows Me, Every Inch Of My Tar Black Soul: Keeping the Pin-Up Alive With Autograph's Gel Liner

I do love my liners. And recently I've tried all sorts, from pen liners, to transfers, kohls and coloured liners. One thing I haven't put on the blog are any gel liners. There are two reasons for this. Firstly my liner love has been a relatively new thing, and secondly, the one gel liner I bought on a whim seemed to leave huge black transfer marks on my upper lid which meant it got relegated to the bin. So as you can see this isn't too surprising that it hasn't appeared thus far.

The issue I have with liners is they seem to either press off and smudge all over my eyes making me look like Alice Cooper, or they flake off and are gone within half an hour. I've tried many different types, all telling me they're long lasting but I end up having to take most liners out with me to top them up as they are usually off half way through a night out. So when the nice folks from M&S Autograph asked me if I'd like to try their Ultimate Wear gel liner and I thought, 'right ok, this will be a good test'. So my liner arrived and here it is.

Nice little pot, clean design which always goes down well with me.

Here's a little product shot so if you're looking for it in store you'll know what it looks like.

So I tried it, what's the verdict?

Where the hell have they been hiding this? It has not budged from my eyes all day! 

Hello serious winged liner

About 2 hours after application

2 hours after application

Me trying and failing to do pin up!

So the verdict, I'm really impressed, I would definitely consider buying more gel liner now I've also been pleased with how black this liner is. Often liners that are meant to be black can be a charcoal grey when they went on but this is a really true black. Well done Autograph!

So have you guys tried gel liner?

Much Love


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I like your Pin Up look! the Gel liner looks good too!

Bethan said...

I love Gel liner! I haven't seen this one before but I really like the Maybelline one, and have heard the Loreal one is good :) x


Kristen Bousquet said...

you're very good at applying eyeliner! I'm terrible at it :(

Sincerely, Kristen
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Claire Louise said...

I just got this today! Thank gawd, I came home looking like a raccoon today, can't wait to try this one :)

DawnieP said...

Glad you like it girls. As long as you don't have sweaty eyelids you're ok, are sweaty eyelids possible?


Olivia Wells said...

Thanks for your comment!! Very nice blog!
I'm now following you on Bloglovin', will you follow me back?
xx Olivia

Sara said...

O Love this! Would never have thought of going to M&S for eyeliner, who knew!
Glad you found one that suits you. Now can you teach me how to do those flicks please?
S xx

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

WOW this looks gorgeous on you - love how you've applied it. Your pics made me giggle - very cute!

Nic x

DawnieP said...

Sara, of course I will I'll maybe do a wee tutorial post :). I couldn't get it off with my wipes last night lol I think I used too much so I got a little imprint when i rubbed it. But the tiny bit you need to use this pot will last forever! Don't use too much is my message.

Hola Bambi said...

looks hotttt! love it xx

Shannon Beer said...

I love how you do your eyeliner!xx

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