Here Come The Brides: Sunday Decadence As The Vintage Bridal Fair Comes To Malone House

I've been quite quiet on the wedding front for a little while, this isn't because I'm keeping any plans from you guys, I've just not been doing very much wedding planning at the moment. I'm a little surprised, I think I always thought that when I was planning my wedding I'd be all wedding all the time. It really hasn't been the case. There's a few reasons for this, firstly I'm in the process of setting up a charity which is more red tape than I could have anticipated and is taking an awful lot of my time, secondly we wanted to buy a house before we got married and our priorities are to put money into that rather than a massive wedding! Isn't that awfully sensible of me?

I'm sensible yes, but I'm not crazy, when I saw that Decadence Vintage Bridal Fair was coming to Malone House this Sunday I was there in a heartbeat. I'd only seen Malone House in pictures and I really, really liked the look of it. A Georgian manor house, not too big but beautiful and homey. I HAD to go and see it.
I have a whole list of wedding fairs I want to go to and seemingly they all happen on a Sunday. This is very convenient but it has also helpfully turned our weekend dynamic into a very Dawnie friendly affair. Poor himself his Sunday's will never be the same. My mother has taken to the Sunday bridal fair with all of the ease of a duck to water, she's excited, very excited and is often found to be rushing around telling anyone who will listen about her plans, as Vicki from The Magpie Girl found out at Malone House.

Here's how I spent my Sunday.

Here's Malone House. Isn't it pretty? The downstairs windows look into where the wedding breakfast is held. It's not a huge house but it's really beautifully proportioned. Upstairs the windows on the beautiful curve of the house are where you get married. Here's the view.

I was really surprised, the house is 2 miles from the city centre but look at the rolling hills!

Here are some of the gardens

We would love to get married at Christmas, Christmas trees, holly bouquets, berries, fairy lights, fur trims, mulled wine, log fires, romance, candles. It would be exactly what we want. Everyone loves summer weddings but I think there's something really ethereal about Christmas, frosts and joy. The only thing that's making me hold off setting my heart on it is the fact that we've had some fairy extreme weather. Now I've been assured that the snow shouldn't hamper me, the venue isn't out in the middle of nowhere, it's just off a main road, should be well gritted, but if there's snow what if people can't come, what if people get held up? But, if there's snow how magical will my photos be? 


I was there today though to check out some of the beautiful goodies for vintage loving brides!
There was everything from veils, dresses, cake, place settings, costume jewellery, vintage headpieces, tableware, everything! I snatched a few pictures of bits and pieces as I went.

Really lovely bespoke wedding stationery, did you see the popcorn for the guests?

A very gorgeous collection of vintage jewellery

Beautiful table settings from Grace and Saviour, look at those tea cups, all gauzy in the glow of the windows.

Do I want beautiful pink and blue bird tea sets, why yes I do, totally registering for this.

Crumbs Cakes made this rather foppish beauty here, isn't it the business?

Ok so a winter wedding wouldn't exactly say spring flowers but I just loved the beauty of these little picnic sets!

I caught sight of these veils and just died with the joy. The lovely lady at the stand helped me try them on, I really wanted to try the bird cage veils and I got to! Yes I snapped some sneaky photos!

This is me in a little net bird cage veil, can I just take this moment to squee. SQUEEEEEEE. I was so excited even as a little girl I never really dressed up as a bride so this is a real first for me.

Here is me in a taffeta bird cage, I wasn't as keen on this but I was still ridiculously excited about it!

I also got the chance to pop over to the Lily Pink Bakery stall, the very talented Claire is making my wedding cake and cupcakes. For those of you interested I'm having a rainbow top mini cake and some little cupcakes. I'm thinking fondant holly if I stick with my Christmas theme. I snapped these up, this was my cupcake, a cosmopolitan flavour one! Yum.

I also bought some for the rest of the family!

There we have it folks that was my day. My mum is so ludicrously excited and honestly I'm getting there too! 

What do you think girls, do you like my prospective venue? Would you get married at Christmas?

Much Love

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