Pug Naughtiness: Dog Shaming Time

Dog shaming is a hilarious internet phenomenon at the moment. It came from a Tumblr called Dog Shaming where owners post pictures of their dogs with a little note beside them revealing something embarrassing the dog has done. It's light hearted and very very funny.

Now as you all know my pug is no angel. If anything everyone giving her such a lot of love has made her a bit cheeky. So now is the time to reveal some Molly cheekiness!

Here we go!

True story, both laptops she has pushed from my lap or pushed onto the floor breaking them into pieces because she was not getting petted.

This is a recent one, hanging up laundry in the garden I moved the hamper and a barrage of garden spiders ran at me and over my foot. Molly seeing this was not the protector I had hoped and hotfooted it inside where she promptly threw up on the mat. So there we go, she's so brave.

Well there you have it. Do you guys love the funny dog shaming?

Much Love and Naughtiness

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