The Looking Glass So Shiny And New: Firmoo Make My Glasses

The lovely folk from Firmoo got in touch with me not so long ago, and asked would I like to try their glasses.  I was delighted to say yes as for a while now I've been looking for a pair of Michael Caine-esque specs. This might sound simple in theory but I have been looking for quite some time they're either too big, too small, not quite right and in essence I have a Goldilocks issue with them all. So when I browsed Firmoo's website I was chuffed as they had loads of different types of black rimmed glasses for me to choose from. 

They also have a brilliant virtual try on function so I could actually upload a picture of my mush and see what the glasses would look like on me. Ingenious. When I was looking I found myself scrolling aimlessly through hundreds of pairs, then I noticed that I can narrow them by colour, shape, style, I even was able to narrow down to an aviator look. Excellent.

So I picked these!

Loving playing with my texture filters as I wanted to enhance the 60s Vibe.

Aren't my glasses gorgeous?

I love the proportions, major kudos to Firmoo for the Virtual Try on function as I wouldn't have had a clue without it.

One of the things I really liked about Firmoo is that if you're a new customer you get your glasses for FREE. Yup, FREE. You just pay for any shipping to you and enjoy your glasses. How awesome is that? You can't say I don't bring you some serious bargainilicious knowledge folks.

I love it, and I love my new glasses. Big thank you Firmoo I'll definitely be using them again!
How about you guys, any glasses wearers out there?

Much Love

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