The Man Comes Around: The Essence by David Beckham

There is nothing sexier than a good smelling man. You know when you give your man a sniff and the fragrance suits him perfectly. It smells hot and sexy and you're thinking 'Miaow'. I recently got sent the brand new fragrance by David Beckham The Essence and my wee Himself was a bit confused when I passed it over to him. He's been all chuffed with himself and has been wearing it so I can smell it through the day and ascertain an opinion. 

I've asked him if he would mind me asking him a few questions about The Essence. I'm not sure he's the target customer though, how many of us have seen those sexy, sexy pictures of David Beckham on that motor bike promoting the scent and thought to themselves 'I wouldn't mind a bit of that'. Maybe you've just wondered what David Beckham smells like, but then haven't we all?

So first things first, here's the bottle and box, don't you like how it looks like a football pitch? I did not notice this until Himself pointed it out. But it does! Apt I thought. It also looks really retro, the clean lines, the dark green Brut- like simplicity. Really retro styling from Beckham.
The bottle is textured on one side smooth on the other; it has a very pleasing feel in the hand, like a miniature finger massage, it makes me look like an absolute weirdo rubbing it but I did for quite a while.

The scent, I'll give you my take on it before I ask Himself. For me it is super masculine, it smells fresh and clean, but it has a really heady manly scent to it which for me I think is really sexy. I'm not a big fan of heavily sweet male fragrances so this is really on the mark. It smells very classic, like it's been around for years and years because it is so masculine.

The ingredients are really interesting, top notes are grapefruit, lavender oil and violet leaves so there's a real zing off the top. Middle notes, cardamom oil, apple and pineapple make it very spicy. When I first smelt this I said if you take a really deep breath it has a slight hint of an aniseed medicine after smell. This is definitely the cardamom, I like that about it as it combines these big manly scents with zinging fruit. Finally the base notes are cashmeran, patchouli heart and tonka bean. Tonka bean is an odd one in a male fragrance as it smells like a very sweet vanilla but it seems to blend into this well and create a sweet warmth that also counteracts some of the heady spice. Patchouli heart is a very earthy moist scent which is giving some of the depth to the fragrance and finally cashmeran is a woody smell which is picked up really well. 

The combination of the earthiness, woodiness and vanilla warmth of the base evens out the spice of the cardamom and the zing of the fruit. It's big and manly and downright hot. 

But I'm not the one wearing it (though it is currently sprayed on my hand for sniffing whilst writing this reiew) so I'm going to ask Himself.

1. What did you think of the scent?
I liked it, it was very clean and uncomplicated, it felt very old fashioned. It is good specially when you take into account what he does for a living, he's very much a competitive person, a sportsman, he ties into that age old stereotype. But at the same time he's not, he's a modern man. It's a contemporary take on a rather old fashioned ideology. I guess it shows that some things are's no sex panther.

2. That's interesting as the packaging reminded me a little of the 1970's wonder that was Brut is this an older fragrance do you think?
No, I think it'll have younger appeal it's that notion that when you stick around long enough old things become new again. It's not an old smell, I remember aftershaves when I was a child and those things were like petrol. It's more like a reworking, if it were a movie it would be a remake. It's a reworking of classic masculinity for a modern time.

3.If you had to describe the fragrance in only a few words, what would they be?
It's like a post match scent of cleanness after the showers, sort of camaraderie, Sunday league football and locker rooms. Very manly.

Thanks to my Mr for his thoughts there. So there you go have a sniff, it's definitely one for those of you who love a masculine scent on your man.

Much Love

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