They Tumble Blindly As They Make Their Way Across The Universe: Philosophy's The Great Mystery

It seems apt somehow that as I'm writing this the news of Neil Armstrong's death has hit all the news channels. I think because of this the title had to be done, wasn't his achievement marvellous? To go up into space with 1960s technology, and not only land on the moon but also come back safely. What a man!

So today we are all about the great mysteries of the universe and also skincare wonder.

So here is the product. It is described as a 1 minute facial, yes really and let me tell you this. I LOVE IT. Philosophy is known for their skincare prowess and this isn't going to take that crown away from them. So what is it? Well it is a couple of different things, a mask and an exfoliator in one, it has a lavender smell, and has sea salt in the light gel-like product to exfoliate the skin. There is no roughness or abrasiveness with this I use it when I am in the shower and I've just put my conditioner on. It goes on the skin for 1 minute, you rub it onto the face, neck and décolletage

After a minute you just rinse it off easy peasy and that is it. When I jump out of the shower I just towel dry my face and it is SO SOFT. It seems to sluice off dead skin cells, soften the skin, brighten everything up and just really clean the skin.

Chatting to the lovely Philosophy girls they recommend using it once a week or before a big night out when you need your skin to look its best. I'm genuinely going to be so sad when this runs out, definitely I will be buying it as it is so low fuss, there's no irritation and my skin just looks so much better. 

This is a bit of a wonder product for me.It is very dependable if your skin is looking far from perfect, personally I use it once a week, but if I'm going out I put this on and it just makes my skin feel amazing. I will definitely be using this before my wedding.

This is a keeper. Head into your local Philosophy and try this out on your hand or as a sample. I think you might love it as much as me.

Much Love

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