When I Grow Up I Want To Be Beyoncé

I love Beyonce, I've uttered the above words more than once.I love her energy, songs, style and attitude and her husband is pretty fine too. I've seen Beyonce twice now and got to shake hands with the lady herself (squee) so when Beyonce's Midnight Heat popped through my door I was delighted! I also couldn't resist using the review to show you all some of my own pictures of Beyonce gigs, yes I was in the front row!

Midnight Heat is the sequel to the original Heat, the new scent is dark, sexy and very hot. It's the kind of scent that will linger on the pulse points through a hot night of hectic dancing.

I immediately gave it a spray and prepared to smell like Beyonce. The bottle is gorgeous, shaped in a curve to emphasise the feminine shape. It has a real vintage feel to it, heavy glass with an on trend ombré effect going from deep violet to sheer lilac.

My Seats at Beyonce's gig were fab!
The scent is instantly sweet, it reminded me of a Louisiana summer night. Warm, filled with the scents of all the flowers and fruits lingering in the humid night. It is sweet and warm and evokes a very heady image of a hot evening.

The lady herself
The top notes are all lovely and fruity, Dragonfruit, Starfruit, Armenian Plum. They give a fruit sweetness to the top of the fragrance and that initial waft.

The middle notes of the scent are much darker, it is from this that the heady aroma comes from. Purple Orchid, Black Tulip and Purple Peony all add together to create a sweetness and bold scent to the middle of the fragrance

The base notes bring heat and depth to the scent. Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood all scents that add layers to the bottom of the fragrance.

So what does it smell like when put together? It's very heady and warm. It's slightly sweeter than most scents I wear which is coming from the middle notes but I think anyone who is a fan of the original Heat will love it. It is definitely one to sniff out if you're a fan of sweet perfumes. It reminded me of Tom Ford's Black Orchid in many ways, if a little bit warmer.

So there you have it girls. Any Beyoncé fans out there?

Much Love.


Becky said...

I'm not usually into 'celeb' fragrances. They come across as a tad tacky considering there are so many of them but I absolutely adore Beyonce so this might have to be one I try!


beckys makeup

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

I like this one too! Aren't Beyonce's thighs just amazing?!

Nic x

MissGreenEyes said...

I love Beyonce perfumes, and Britney! I don't really care what label it is as long as it's nice, and okay, I'm a sucker for a nice bottle. This is purple! I must have it! Amazing pics of the woman herself, her body, good god! x

DawnieP said...

I'm also a sucker for a nice bottle, and Oh my god Beyonce's thighs are unreal, seeing here from less than a foot away I can attest to the fact that she is way tinier than she looks and is completely gorgeous!


schoolgatestyle said...

I love her too...she's an amazing girl...so talented but seems so grounded too. and you shook her hand? omg!! must give the perfume a sniffety sniff next time I'm in town. Hun, can't thank you enough for your comment on the blog today. You are a total pet... avril xxx

fluff and fripperies said...

Great review - I was at a perfume smelling class thing the other night and this was one of the fragrances used - it's so lush and heady, gorgeous stuff xo

Sandra said...

I'm a big fan of Beyonce, she's an amazing singer. Anyway, I'm not usually a fan of celebrity perfumes, but I love the original Heat. :)

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


i love beyonce so much too, she's such an icon! i'm following you on gfc now, please visit me and see if you want to follow? :) i think you'll like my outfits, thanks!


Bex said...

I might have to get this, I'm looking for a new perfume xo

micalk senlldy said...

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