Who Wants A Slice Of My Birthday Cake?

Hello gorgeous girls!

It is my birthday today and honestly we've been celebrating all weekend. I don't have much to talk about as I'm snatching a minute outside of the Olympic ceremony to tell you all about it! Ps, How awesome have the Olympics been??

Anyway for my birthday my gorgeous himself bought me a Michael Kors rose gold watch! I am such a blogger cliche!!! Not to worry, it is beautiful. I also wanted to show you my face of the day!

Here we GO!

I turned 29 today (grand sigh) and I'm becoming increasingly aware of any signs of aging you could say I was paranoid about it. So far I have no lines to report but every year I like to check!

Here was my 29 year old face of the day! I kept it pretty natural.

Foundation-Clarins Radiance
Bronzer- NYC dual bronzer
Eyeshadow- Inglot
Mascara- Soap and Glory Thick and Fast

And that's it. Not very much on my face.

Thank you all for everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter, honestly it means the world! You're all such gorgeous wee lovelies.

Much Love 

Thank you all


Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

Aw happy birthday sweetheart - you look beautiful & I love your new watch!!

Nic xx

Ellie said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday! And you look bloody fantastic, you could've fooled me when you say you're 29!! ;) x

Lauren said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday missus! That watch is beautiful!

Christine ♥ said...

Happy Birthday hun! hope you have an amazing day :) The MK watch is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning too! xx

Sandra said...

Happy birthday!
I love your present. MK watches are the best! :)

Charlee Greenhalgh said...

Happy birthday hun :) Hope you had an amazing day and you look lovely!! The MK watch is gorgeous :)


milkymoles said...

OMG! The watch is fabulous! You do not look 29 at all! Thanks for sharing
Rose xxx

Rae Rae J said...

Happy birthday! You look fab! (and I love that necklace!)

effortlesscool said...

that is a GORGEOUS Watch! you look so lovely, hope you had a great birthday!!

XO Sahra

daisychain said...

LOVE love love the watch x

Tabetha said...

A belated happy birthday!


Melody Loughlea said...

You do not look 29! happy birthday, the watch is gorge

Benlovesting said...

Amazing watch! x

*moonkooki* said...

Belated happy birthday Dawn! Xxx

schoolgatestyle said...

Belated happy Birthday dawn! sorry I missed it...was in WiFi free land. so jealous of your new watch...it's gorgeous and you look way younger than 29! lucky you xx

Danielle said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. The watch is lush x


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