You Be Batman I'll Be Catwoman: An Eyeliner Tutorial, Take Your Pick

Hello my lovelies.

A short post from me today to get some opinions from your gorgeous selves! I've been asked a few times now to do an eyeliner tutorial. I'm no expert by any means but I'll happily show you how I do it hopefully in the clearest way possible.

Recently the FABB Katrina from Sugahfix posted a picture she liked and it made me think maybe it would inspire you guys as well. I've posted it below because it made me really excited to try new things. It made me wonder what exactly could you do with liner, and maybe just maybe, if you guys pick a number I'll try and recreate that look (I didn't say how well).

Photo credit here 

So what do you think girls? Are there any of these you would like me to try and show you how to do? I'll try and do a series of posts on this if you want. It's so hard to get liner right, maybe I can help. For goodness sake be kind! For example if anyone says number 26 I'm going to feign deafness to it! I jest (sort of).Well girls what do you think? And more importantly what number do you want to learn to do?

Much love

p.s if you have time and you'd like to vote for me, you can do so here, it's just clicking a button, no forms! Thank you in advance if you do. If you vote please tell me so I can give you massive kissyfaces!

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