September in Photos: The Random Unloved Images

I seem to always have a plethora of pictures on my phone of random things I've decided to take pictures of. I know a lot of people do 'A Month of Instagram' pictures but I find a lot of my pictures are similar on my blog and Instagram (ps if you want to follow me on instagram you can find me at @dawniepants) These pictures are mostly pictures I've taken that haven't really gone anywhere. They sit on my phone unloved and unused. So I thought I'd pop them up.

From top left: 1. We visited the Ulster Museum, I'm a big fan of the pterodactyls 2. I bought these little saddle shoes in Primark when I got caught in the rain and my pumps soaked through 3.Vice Versa's are back, I was so excited but they aren't the same, and the sugar coating cut my gums to bits! 4. Trying out the new NYC peach coloured lipstick for autumn.

From top left: 1. To celebrate the first Strictly Come Dancing of the year, pink champagne! 2. The perfect coat, I saw this on Etsy and I want it bad! 3. My wee Mr. 4. My NYC autumn eyeshadow palettes, Queen's Boulevard is my favourite.

From left to right: 1. Molly asleep falling off my mum's knee. 2. Me and himself curled up on a Saturday night on our big sofa. 3. My little Oak Spinning Ring giveaway. 4. My hair left to dry naturally, yup I'm a secret curly Sue. 

Just a few little phone pictures to cheer up this Friday. If anyone can find the gorgeousness that is that coat slightly cheaper than £300 quid do let me know!

I've also started working on a bit of a contouring and highlighting tutorial, I got an email about doing one recently. I'm such a lazy sod that unless I'm going out I never really use my contour or highlighting make up, but just for you I'm going to put together an easy how to. Hope you like it. Don't forget to let me know if there's anything you'd like to see.

If you haven't entered yet do enter the autumn giveaway for those gorgeous Timothy Roe rings here

Much Love as Always Folks

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