All The Leaves Are Brown: NYC Get Me Feeling All Autumnal

I love autumn, I love dark greens, purples, browns, I love tights and cute hats. I love starting to have bubble baths again. Most of all Strictly Come Dancing is back and my week is COMPLETE! Seriously the level with which I adore Strictly is ridiculous, it makes me so happy. So autumn for me is all of these gorgeous things rolled into one with a large glass of red wine!

oh hello my pretty

When I saw the new NYC colour palettes I immediately went YAY! There are loads of plums, greys, greens browns it is an absolute autumn feast. I was glad to see a break from browns as I think aubergines are so wonderful for autumn colours and work well with all eye colours. Greens and aubergines together are completely gorgeous.

gorgeous colours

I've also had a try of their gorgeous berry nail colours, and the smoky glitter topcoat! Mmmmm take a look at that for lush! I'm so easy pleased I love dark reds and plums so I am such a fan.

Not my neatest nail, but isn't it sooooo pretty?

I'm really looking forward to trying some autumnal eye looks with this. Keep those cheeks pale, deep eyes and maybe a nice lip to go with. Can't wait to show you all what I come up with.

So tell me girls what do you love bout autumn and what are your favourite autumn colours?

Much Love


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