And I Just Can't Pull Myself Away: Halle Berry Closer Fragrance Review

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I'm pleased to bring you another fragrance review. I adore doing them, you can tell, as it's so ridiculously long! It makes all my hard work for years in a perfumery feel like it's finally paying off! When I got this I whipped it out of the box and immediately sprayed it. It comes from Jacques Cavallier (perfume nerd squeee), who is the nose behind pretty much every big designer fragrance out there, from Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Miyake, Dior, Armani, he's worked on all those scents, this is a real coup for Halle Berry to have someone of such renown create her fragrance.

It is so good though, it reminds me of a male scent but smells feminine as well. It uses the fougere associated with male fragrances but creates a feminine scent with it. It is a very 'me' fragrance, I know that sounds very vague but hear me out. When I smelled it it reminded me of when you put on your boyfriend's t-shirt and the male and female scents combine. The smell of your perfume mixing with his very male deodorant or EDT, and after you wear it for a few hours the heat from your body creates a fusion between the scents so that when you take it off it smells of you both. This I think is the best description I can give. It smells filthy, I mean that in a good way but it smells really sexy, the male notes with the more female notes create the kind of scent that seems to scream sensuality. 

It's actually really aptly named and the art for the box is very concept driven. As I said before the bottle exhibits both male and female curvature and the box design really indicates this. The top notes of raspberry, waterlily and ozone accord. I know what you're thinking, 'what the hell is ozone accord?' If you've ever smelt the Demeter Thunderstorm fragrance you will be familiar, ozone is that just rained smell, it's electric, static sort of clean smell. That mixed with lily and raspberry creates a sharp but really rousing top note.

The middle notes are fougere accord, mimosa, violet and cedar, the middle of the fragrance is very masculine, fougere is very well known in male fragrances as being a woody ferny scent, adding to that the cedar and the mimosa and violet it's a very masculine middle.

The bottom notes are mahogany, cashmere, vanilla and musk, the mahogany works very well with the cedar and fougere to create that really woody earthy smell, add to that the ozone from the topnotes and the wild raspberry and florals and you instantly have a rainstorm in a wild woodland. 

It smells woody, earthy, sexy and the ozone accord creates that atmosphere of impending storm, the floral and fruit in it make it a more feminine take on what is a masculine scent. When I let himself smell it he really liked it on me. There's very few scents that I really think are 'me' don't get me wrong I have scents that I like,  in summer I love Marc Jacobs Daisy, or Gucci Rush, in winter I wear Thierry Muglar Angel, or Jean Paul Gaultier but even though I love wearing them none of them seem to sing with my skin.

Hear me out, when I worked in a perfumery my manager Jackie used to talk about perfumes that 'made your skin sing' and what she meant by this was when a scent warmed on your skin and the combination worked so well for your nose it made your 'skin sing'. Now 'skin sing' scents are hard to find, they are the sort of scents that just seem to smell natural on you. However it works it seems to be a scent that works so well with your natural scent it feels part of you. For instance my mum wears Chanel Chance, she swiped it from me a few years ago but on her it's a 'skin sing' scent. It just works. My favourite 'skin sing' scent is Bottega Veneta for women which I absolutely adore, it's leather, it's books, it's a warm day, it just works, but this one Closer by Halle Berry is pretty close to that 'skin sing' so I have to say I really like it. They share similar characteristics of earthy, woody florals but they're definitely scents that I really like. I need to get round to buying more Bottega Veneta!

So folks get out and give this a smell, it is hugely surprising. I think the pedigree of Jacques Cavallier has completely outweighed the celebrity scent tag this has, this would not be out of place coming from Dior. It definitely is punching above it's weight and is a groundbreaking female fragrance. If you love that earthy woody scent this one is for you girls.

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Much Love

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