Birthday Badassery: Himself Has A Birthday

I'm really bias, but isn't he gorgeous?

Well girlies today was himself's birthday. He is a big 31! I decided in absolutely no infinite wisdom that I was going to make him a Batman cake. I love cupcakes but I rarely venture into the world of fondant. Half way through the baking process I remembered why.
But, I tried. So here is our little day.

For his birthday I bought him a prop replica Batman grappling gun, a DVD of rare cult movies and a DVD of Centurions. He was very happy. He also got his huge cake.

Big birthday cake, grappling gun, and DVDs 

He really loves that grappling gun, yes those are half of our DVDs, yes they are alphabetised

We've both had slices and it is utterly massive, I swear I went into a sugar coma shortly after.


I am possibly diabetic after this

It's moist devil's chocolate cake mmmmmm and it is sinful. Today has been low key the way he wanted it. We nipped into town checked out the shops he wanted to go to, I grabbed a bridal magazine and then we went for some dinner. I took him to his favourite burger bar and then out to The Garrick Bar for a pint.
Sam Adams always reminds me of being on holidays in Los Angeles

Me in The Garrick, taking pictures of my gob


We're currently sitting curled up on the sofa drinking red wine eating Pringles and watching bad tv. It is lovely.
Oh hello Mr Photobomber

That's our day. What do you think of my cake? In other news I'm doing my eyeliner tutorials for you at the moment. And wow moment of the day I have been short listed for 3 Blog Awards IE, flip! Thanks to the judges that has blown me away, very chuffed.

Anyway lovelies, much love as always
Here's the card I bought himself. Pug, of course!

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