Gimme Your Heart Make It Real Or Just Forget About It: NYC Smooth SkinFoundation Mousse and Primer

I've often seen pots of mousse foundation when I'm poring over make up ranges, but I've never tried one before. It's always been something I've been a little bit dubious about, I've never known how well it would last or if it would be too heavy.

The little NYC Smooth Skin double act popped through my door and I finally got my chance. Consisting of a primer and a foundation mousse the two aim to give flawlessly smooth looking skin .

The primer is supposed to even out skin tone. I imagine this is from the white illuminating particles, when you then pop the mousse on top it seems to run over the skin much easier. One thing I noticed when running the mousse over my hand for the pictures is that the velvet feel is very non budge, the primer is actually a real help in making it spread. Without a primer or moisturiser you would end up using a lot of the product trying to get it to easily work over the face. The stay put nature of it like all foundations of that ilk do require a conduit to spread them so have the primer or a moisturiser on hand.

When I popped this on I took one look at the colour and went 'erm that's a bit dark for me' but put it on over my primer and it just went on. You don't need very much and it gives a nice matt finish. I kept it light used a little extra in any areas that needed a little extra colour and it was done. It actually was fine on my skin which I was surprised about.

So what do I now think of mousses? Well for this, definitely a primer is a must to make it stay put and spread well. But I've been able to wear this and it's stayed put for quite a few hours. Definitely worth a punt if you want to try out mousses as the texture is lovely. Also as always with NYC such a bargain coming in at only a few quid. Great value for money.

Much love as always


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