Owlies! : Marks and Spencer Take Inspiration From Hogwarts

Just an average Wednesday trying to make myself look like an owl

I love owls, and when I saw the M&S owl palette I knew I had to try it. The lovely folks at M&S made sure it winged its way to me (sorry) and I got to properly try it out.

Owl themed cover, slim and sleek silhouette. Inside 6 shadows all shaped like owls with a mirror and applicator. The colours are pretty neutral perhaps channelling owls there are 4 bronze like colours, all with shimmer pigmentation. There is also a black and a blue for added accent looks too.

When I got them me being me I thought 'why don't I put this palette to the test and do an owl look with it' (as you do). So I took inspiration from some owl pictures and tried to create my own owl look.

It went on easily, there's a lot of shimmer in it. I don't think this will replace your Naked palettes but it is fun. Perfect for teens as a stocking filler or a little present!

It's not a look for everyday unless you're an owl but it was fun. What do you guys think have you done any bird style make up? Any black swans out there?

Much Love as always



daisychain said...

Oh wow, I need this; I love owls!

Sunny said...

Love this! It's so unique and fun :P I love the look of that palette x

schoolgatestyle said...

Genius - that's a great idea! Avril x

DawnieP said...

I don't know if it was genius but it was funny! Lol

Sara said...

Dawn? Is that you? Or an owl?
Love how you had fun with this xx

Ellie said...

This made me chuckle... but you did a great job at looking like an owl!! The palette is very very cute x

DawnieP said...

It's meeeeee! I know right? Total owl!

DawnieP said...

Awk bless you all I'm an eejit but it was funny

MissGreenEyes said...

Ahhh brilliant idea Dawn!! The palette looks fab and you definitely look owl-right (sorry, sorry...)

DawnieP said...

Hahahahaha loving the puns they're a hoot!! Fnar!!!

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