Walk The Line: The Eyeliner Tutorial

Recently I posted a blog suggesting that I wanted to do an eyeliner tutorial. I always get asked when I do posts featuring eyeliner how to do it well. I am IN NO WAY good at it but I find what works for me. It's only been the last year that I've really got to grips with it.

When you all asked for the different eyeliner styles the general consensus was a basic flick. Well here is the tutorial this is how you can do it with all different brushes. The first thing I did was use the pen like felt tip liners. They are brilliant a lot of people are so much more dexterous with them. If you're a novice start there. I use a lot of gel liner so I use different brushes. There are so many brushes and options available I use what works for me. It's worthwhile buying a little cheap set of eye brushes and playing with them. I like a firmer brush that's angled as it makes my life a lot easier.

I don't really care the brushes people say I should use or the techniques we get told to use. I say use what works for you, if it gets a good effect then stick with it. It's your make up after all!

In this tutorial you will notice I don't do the 1 swoop liner, mainly because I think it is really tough if you're new to liner. So take your time. Wiggle the brush let the liner go into the lash line . The issue I always had was I ended up with a white line below my liner so the wiggle brush tip sorts that right out!

Remember take your time, less is always more with gel liner, and you can always go over things again. Don't worry and enjoy it.

Also I have discovered how hard it is to apply eyeliner and take pictures at the same time. Seriously hard!

Well girls that's my pictorial eyeliner tutorial. The tips are always take your time and find your own way of doing it. I'm pretty cackhanded so if I can do it so can you.

Much Love and Liner!


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