Belfast Fashion Week: FABB Girls Hit The High Street Show At BFW

The FABB girls were invited to come and check out the High Street Fashion Show at Belfast Fashion Week. Me and the fellow FABB girls enjoyed being FROW and seeing all the fashions going past. There was absolutely heaps of looks from Castle Court retailers, it was lovely to see so much!

I threw on my furry DIY coat which I've shown here, and my little home made fascinator. Keeping it very craft orientated.

I also did my little vintage faux fringe for the occasion, you can see the tutorial here. 

When I got there I ran into lovely Claire from French for Cupcake

And then we of course sat down and got on with the show!

I realised rather embarrassingly that I had heaps of photos of this guy...I wonder why!

These guys were having a seriously good time

The back of some lovely models

So folks that was my night, lots of fashion and photos!

Any plans for the weekend girls?

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