Coffee Time: Nubar's Espresso Polish

Hi Lovelies!

Well first of all welcome to all the new followers, it is absolutely fantastic to have you with us and I hope to chat to you soon!

So today I'm trying out Nubar Polish, in Espresso. When I got the polish I liked the colour in the bottle, it looks really on trend, muted and autumnal which is what I rather like.

Application was tricky. It is a very thin polish, which makes it opaque on the nails so you need quite a few coats. I'm never keen on having to put on heaps of polish, but after roughly 4 coats it came out this colour which I think is very strong.

I popped some little polka dots on the nails for today. I had a hospital appointment so I thought polka dots would cheer me up. Below is the colour in the natural day light, it is pretty isn't it? I used the Topshop nail art pen in white, to be honest I think they're a little rubbish, they never perform very well for me. But it's done the job for small dots.


Below I have the polish colour with flash, this is the solid colour!

So are you guys loving the muted coffee tones? Have you tried Nubar before?

Much love and polka dots!


Sara said...

Hmmm I've never used Nubar before but having to put on four coats doesn't fill me with confidence. Liking your polka dots though Dawn, think you've inspired me to do some on my next manicure :)
S xx

DawnieP said...

It was quite a few polishes especially to get that strong colour. I'm so super lazy I don't do heaps of layers. I'm sure it is better because maybe it chips less or something but yes 4 coats.

Catherine. said...

This is really cute. I love pokla dots, and the colour is really classy :) x

Hannah Louisa said...

eeek 4 coats is a lot but I really like the colour :) x

Sabrina said...

I cannot believe you did that on your own!!!! I always fail at self manicures.. envy.



Amy Goodeve said...

4 coats is a lot but I love the dots. xxx

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