Doin' It For The Fame: Lady Gaga's Perfume Hits Stores

Have you ever wondered what Lady Gaga smells like? I remember a while ago Gwyneth Paltrow talking about meeting Gaga after a gig and commenting on how nice she smelled. Gaga went into her dressing room and came out proffering her own bottle of Thierry Muglar's Womanity as a present to Gwyneth. Having smelled Womanity I wondered if Gaga's own fragrance Fame would be similar.

Today I'm giving you my thoughts on Gaga's first perfume release, Fame. When Gaga started talking about releasing a scent she said she wanted it to smell like blood and semen and have the consistency of bodily fluid. So how close has Gaga come to this?

I'm predicting this is going to be a very big seller for Christmas with all the Gaga fans wanting to smell like Mama Monster. So here's the lowdown on what may be the hottest fragrance of the season.

Firstly the fragrance is black, but magically it sprays clear. Now when I first got it I had a lot of fun trying to spray it to see if I could 'catch it out' but no it always sprays clear. Magic. So I sprayed it on myself and had a good sniff. As I sniffed I read the back of the box.

'Tears of Belladonna
Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea
With A Black Veil Of Incense
Pulverised Apricot
And The Combinative Essences 
Of Saffron and Honey Drops'

So what does that culminate in smell wise?

Well the perfume is heady and sweet. It has a spice and a warmth. The main scent is the very strong incense sweetness, if you're not a fan of sweet scents this may not be for you. It does simmer down to a much more workable scent which lets the spice of the undertones come through. It reminds me a little of Beyonce's Heat fragrance, very heady and the same spicy floral. If you like your perfumes sweet you'll love this. 

It's going to be a massive scent for the season and I'll bet it is on most Gaga fans Christmas lists!

This one is from Gordons Chemists, Gift Sets starting at £25.00 and EDP Sprays start at £22.99

So any of you Gaga fans going to be asking Santa for this?

Much Love 

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