Halloween Time: Getting Devilish With Kiss

So Halloween has skidded past me with very little warning. Did I dress up? No, not at all, I threw some devil horns in my hair and went from there. I've been really confused about it this year as everyone seems to be celebrating this weekend rather than on Tuesday or Wednesday. I feel like I've missed it but I know it is still to come. It is an odd sensation. 

So for this weekend I threw my devil horns in, they're sparkly you know and me and himself headed off to The Empire Music Hall to see Hotter Than Hell Kiss Tribute. To say I got ready quickly was an understatement. It was less than 5 minutes, I threw black eyeshadow on my eyes and just about backcombed my hair. Rock and roll right?

This is such a dodgy picture but you know getting in the Kiss Spirit, also check out my heaps of eyeshadow!

I put on my little rockabilly necklace, and my low v 50s wrap dress from oasis. Apologies for the photo quality but it was so dark in there.

Ok so mid way through the gig my feet were killing me. I was ensconced on a little section of the balcony which had carpet, and I thought (with the suggestion of my twitter friends) I take my heels off. I had just had a pedicure and I had my leggings which came over my whole foot, added to that the carpet and the fact I had no one around me, it was a good idea right?

So himself took charge of my shoes. As you can imagine I was feeling pretty smug and pleased with myself. Until himself ran off to the bathroom and couldn't get back in and I was without shoes! Really! You see although I was in the nice cosy carpeted balcony, the stairs and the downstairs area was very busy and wooden floors and mosh pits and there was broken glass and spilt drinks. Yup folks I was stranded with no shoes. 

Long story and much whining but eventually himself got back in and I snagged my shoes. Just awful! 

Oh and here is a dodgy picture of the Kiss Hotter Than Hell band in full regalia!

So that was my Halloween weekend. In the speed of our decision to go out I didn't have any dinner, apart from 2 packets of Monster Munch I was drinking on an empty stomach. As my head sagged over the toilet bowl at 6am Sunday morning I soon realised what a mistake that was. So that was my Saturday.

What are you guys doing for Halloween, or what have you already done?

Much Love 

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