It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas: Benefit Jingles Our Bells

Some of the gorgeous sets available

Oh Christmas came early for the FABB girls last night. We were all invited to check out the new Christmas sets coming out this year from Benefit. Did we need to be asked twice? NO!
I adore Benefit, are there any of us who don't? Although granted I'll never look at my Benetint the same way again after discovering it was actually made for a burlesque dancer's nipples, thank you Mark! I don't know about you guys but I find myself hovering around the Benefit stands poking all the gorgeous items, so I knew I needed to know what was coming out!

Beautiful blushes, skincare and smokin' eyes
Some of the kits, stocked with minis and must have items. I loved the little Feelin' Dandy kit which has everything you need to make you look really rosy and pretty in the winter chill. A lot of the sets are only available in the big Benefit Counters so if you want to get your hands on these goodies get in quickly!

How to Look The Best At Everything foundation kit, on Benefit's SpyGirl graphic novel

One of the things that we got our grubby paws on to have a good old try out at home was the gorgeous How To Look The Best At Everything foundation kit. Now it has a book cover design so it's a foregone conclusion that I adore the packaging. Inside you'll find the fabulous Porefessional, Hello Flawless foundation, boi-ing concealer in 2 shades and a champagne top powder. If you're in any way dubious about how to apply them there's a whole booklet of tips attached to the mirror. No excuses to not be flawless!

The interior of How To Look Good In Everything
Wonderful Benefit make up artist Mark was on hand to tell us all about the new kits, give some demonstrations of the products, show us the latest trends in make up. Including trying to break me of my lipstick aversion! Yes me of all people got picked to try the dark plum Espionage shade. The new technique for the lip is to just dab the colour on with your finger, creating a much more easy to wear shade. Even I had to say it was way less intense and something I would definitely try to replicate. It stains the lips rather than puts a heavy colour on.

Here's Mark in Menary's showing off the new sets! He was so fun.

Check out these little lipgloss minis, they're bound to whizz out of the shops. There's also a rather fabulous nudes palette with a fabulous They're Real mini in there.

Mark then gave us a brow class, here is FABB's very own Bina getting shown where her arches should be in her brows. We've all been getting our pens out to try and work out our ideal brow shape lest we have comma brows! 

The folks at Menary's also treated us to a fashion show with some of their key winter looks.

This season is all about houndstooth, mixing and juxtaposing textures (I was sporting leather and taffeta last night whoop) and finally velour. Yes like those tracksuits, but apparently its all the rage!

We also eyed up a hugely sparkly gold sequin dress, and this rather lovely green mini dress. My favourite by far was winter floral at the end with the belted flower dress and the granny knitwear. I love that look! Yes I call it granny knitwear but it is, I think that's why I love it! I love making use of some of my floral summer dresses in the winter too!

So tell me girls do you love Benefit? Are you getting ready for Christmas Benefit sets, what is on your wishlist?

All clothes, sets and products are available from Menary's.

Much Love Girls

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