Oh Baby It's Cold Outside: Transform Your Coat With The Trends This Winter, Coat DIY

Before and After

So it is winter, BRRRRRRR, and what we're all looking for is the perfect coat. I've hunted for ages and I couldn't find anything that was a sexy skirt coat with loads of glamorous faux fur. And as usual folks, because I couldn't find it I decided to see if I could make it. I rifled through my closet and found this non sexy Primark trench which I bought for about £15 quid 5 years ago.

I remembered that I didn't like the colour much and consequently rarely wore it, but I did like the fit. So I decided this would be the foundation for my new coat!

Step 1
I bought black dye from my local craft shop, bundled the coat into the washing machine. Instantly it came out darker, a sexy on trend dark green. Instantly better.

Step 2
I bought new buttons from my local haberdashery, I was going to be going for a military glam look, so I decided to pick some buttons which would add to the military feel. I picked these and took off the horrid plastic buttons. Here are my silver and black enamel skull and cross bone buttons.

 Then you sew them on!

Step 3
Trims! I love faux fur, no real fur here thank you very much. I think it looks so glam and it is HUGE on the catwalks at the moment. I needed no excuse so I bought a big silver faux wolf collar and matching individual silver faux wolf cuffs. I sewed them on and they instantly changed the entire look of the coat!

Step 4
I got rid of the trench's belt because it was cheap looking so I needed a new belt. I really wanted a little embellished cinched belt to pull in the 1950s. I wanted to do a little vintage glamour with military chic so I had a look around. With foxes being MASSIVE on the catwalk at the minute I was delighted to pick up this little fox belt. How adorable is this?

Step 5


What do you think? Doesn't it look so expensive?! I paid 15 quid 5 years ago for the coat, about £17 for the collar and cuffs, £6 for the buttons and £3 for the belt and £5 for the dye. So roughly £46 for everything in the whole coat. That's pretty good!

Also I had to show you my new hair, look at my pink ombre! I did it myself, if you want any of the details you can check out with my pink hair tutorial

So girlies what do you think? It's a bargain, I'm loving it I feel super glam.

Will you try customising any of your clothes, or creating new things out of old clothes? I think in our current economic climate there is something really satisfying about making something you really like out of a piece of clothing you already have.

Much Love Girls

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