Pin Up Bliss In A Palette: The Balm's Nude'tude Makes Me Happy

The Balm have long been a favourite of mine; they use vintage styling, they're as obsessed with the pin up aesthetic as me and their products are really good. It is a win all around really. The lovely folks at Find Me A Gift know this so they decided to send me The Balm's Nude' Tude Palette. First impressions? It's so pretty! I actually am so tickled with it. Lets look at pictures!

Those who are familiar with Urban Decay's Naked and Naked II palettes will understand how desirable the palette of daily wear nudes is. The Balm have brought their really playful packaging to a gorgeous palette. Let's have a look on the inside.

The palette feels like one of those big Wonka chocolate bars. You know when chocolate bars are big and flat and beautiful, that's how this feels. The sleeve of the palette really reinforced it with the creamy and brown hues, it has a satisfying weight which I rather like in a palette.

On the interior of the palette there are 12 colours, every 2 has their own gorgeous pin up girl. The palette has a mirror and little contouring brush included as well. One of the things I liked about it was how thin the palette is, it is very easy to fit in a bag, you can even fit it in the slimmest of clutch bags. I know, I checked. 

The colours go from creamy to pearlised, there are cool matt browns and shimmer browns there's even an absolutely gorgeous burgundy-esque brown called Sexy and below it the colour Silly is a shimmery darker mocha colour.

Of course I've done some swatches for you!

The palette finishes off with Serious and Sleek, nice dark contour accents, one with shimmer the other without.

There's plenty of colour choice and I think it makes a great everyday palette, although I find myself using it as a go to for my nights out as well. The style and pigmentation has really made me pleased with it and I like how soft and blendable they are. I find myself increasingly using Silly as an eyeliner and doing a soft blended eye with the Sexy. 

If you're looking for a new nudes palette this is currently my favourite!

Much Love Girls

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