Scrub, Scrub Me Do: DIY Scrub For Glowing Winter Skin

Hello my lovelies,

Today I just wanted to pop a little post up that might help you pull your skin out of the winter doldrums. How many things do you have in your bathroom? If you're anything like me, you have heaps.Today I want to show you how to make your own easy peasy 2 minute scrub. Made from ingredients you have in your kitchen this will sluice off any dead skin, heal, exfoliate and revitalise. It will also make you smell edible. I think that's a definite win.

You'll see I've used a little Soap and Glory mini pot that I had finished. So you get to reuse it and they're really perfect for the job.

To make it pop some sugar into your container, add lemon until you begin to get a scrub like consistency. Add 4 or 5 drops of almond oil. More if you're making a bigger batch. The almond oil is lovely for moisturising the skin after you're all exfoliated out.

So, pop this on, small circular scrubbing motions over the skin, you're going to smell and look beautiful. I know himself was convinced I smelt of cookies, this is never a bad thing girls. 

So give it a go, natural, cheap and effective home made scrub.

Much Love


Black Cat said...

nice recepie!
i will try it!

Em said...

Sounds delicious!! May have to give this a go!



Em's Mixed Bag

DawnieP said...

It smells so good, I smelt like a giant cookie! Himself wouldn't leave me alone :) perfect for all single girls!

Rebecca Bryson said...

I was actually about to ask the FABB girls about a homemade scrub recipe!! SO doing this!!

Melody Loughlea said...

Love homemade beauty :) I've done this with sugar and olive oil too :)

Bicarbonate soda makes a good scrub also and is supposed to be good for redness :)

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