Time For A Makeover: TK Maxx Boucher Road Show Me Theirs

The lovely folks at TK Maxx invited me to come down and check out their brand new redecorated shop, I really didn't need to be asked twice. I've never done much shopping at TK Maxx mainly because I've never really been in the stores but I've heard from my friends all about the their purchases and there has been times I've been downright jealous. Big names for bargain prices, I was more than willing to give it a good try.

So off I went on Sunday to check out the store. When I arrived I met Gillian the lovely manager who was going to show me around. Honestly she is just so delightful, enthusiastic, excited and proud of the new store, she also showed me all the fantastic pieces which were her favourite. 

We oooooohed and ahhhhed over the beauty counters, lots of gorgeous high end products. You know what I'm like girls and it is possibly my favourite place in any store, I've made a giant list for Christmas already! 

Lovely Gillian with one of her favourite bags

The store has been repainted in a lovely cappuccino colour and there's lots of new signage and reorganisation all over the store. Those of you who aren't a fan of miscellaneous rails of clothes will probably breath a sigh of relief. The rails are all organised into categories and subcategories, in the Boucher Road store they even have a yoga section. So everything is reorganised really open plan and so much easier. I think any fans of TK Maxx will be pleased.

From coats to cookware, there are heaps of things in store. I didn't realise there was so many homewares in the store. If you're local to it, do pop in as there was an awful lot more than even I would have thought. The baking section alone made me gleefully happy. I even had a conversation with one of the staff about how to use edible ink pens.

Faux fur, boots and bags

Loads of fabulous accessories laid out all over the shop, I loved the whole shoe section at the back of the store, it was nice to be able to try on your shoes in the mirrors and sit down in relative privacy to do it. It feels a lot more open and calm since they opened out the big windows, I know I have to go back and pick up all the beauty products I didn't get a chance to grab on Sunday.

I did end up with lovely nails after my visit on Sunday, so I will be back soon to take advantage of more great products.

My lovely nails

So girls, who out there are fans of TK Maxx, I believe in the US they're called TJ Maxx, my American followers will need to keep me right here. Are you big fans of a good bargain?

Well girls I hope you pop in and check it out

Much Love

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