Foiled Again: I Try Marks And Spencer's Nail Foils

Marks and Spencer continue to expand and move forward with their ranges every month. In recent years they've been trying hard to shake the shackles of only being for those of a certain age. The beauty range has really expanded and one of the latest items for you to try out are nail foils!

marks and spencer

I've never used nail foils before, I know I'm totally behind the times. You guys know what I'm like, I'm a fan of long wear polish as I don't do my nails that much, I'm a very bad beauty blogger. I really wanted to see if I could do foils myself though so off I went!

marks and spencer 1

I had to peel the foils off the backing sheet then smooth them on to my nails, cut the excess of and then file the raggy ends to get that smooth look. I flung some Seche Vite topcoat on and hoped for the best. There are still some lumps and bumps in them and I'm not sure how long they'll last but I think they look pretty good.

nail foils 3

The foils come in packs of 20 so I can do another application. It works out as £3 per foil manicure which I actually think is pretty good value from Marks and Spencer. The glue thus far seems to be pretty strong and I'm hoping they stay put and let me really try them out. I know a lot of you have your favourites like Sally Hansen and Top Shop, what do you think the difference is?

Wish my foils luck!

foils nail

So girls tell me, have you used nail foils? If so what is your favourite brand, and do you find them easy to work with?

Much Love

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