Rose Tinted Lips: I Try New Cid's I-Kiss Lip Pencils

Recently I had a little quest to TK Maxx and as myself and the other bloggers were shopping we caught side of some new beauty products being put on the shelf. From a great distance our laser-trained beauty eyes narrowed in on the labels like Terminators. New Cid was the screech and off we ran. Before they got comfy on that shelf they were in my basket.

They're 3 long wear lip pencils in shades of rose and they are lovely! French Rose, Raspberry Rose and Antique Rose.

My favourite is French Rose.

French Rose, a subtle pretty dusky pink, really natural and easy to wear

If you want something with a little more punch though...

Antique rose is slightly pinker and again looks nice and subtle depending on how much you put on.
The brightest of the lot is Raspberry Rose.

Raspberry rose is a much more vivid reddy pink. I think it's good for a bold look
I think the thing about these pencils is that they're really long wearing. For those who aren't keen on the dryness that often comes with long wear lippies you might want to add a little gloss to keep them a little more  moist.

So have you guys used any New Cid cosmetics, I'm really enjoying these, mainly because they're not as intense as lipstick. Very natural and pretty.

So lip pencils, are we glossy Clinique Chubby Stick fans or are we fans of the matt look pencil?

Much Love


Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

Ohhh they're all beautiful, can't choose a favourite!

Nic x

Em said...

Oooo these look fantastic! I love that you have shown it on the lip! Fab!



Em's Mixed Bag

Adrienne said...

I love the colors especially the Raspbrry Rose! They look long lasting as well.

What Lola Wants

DawnieP said...

They are really Matt so they don't move, great to get a day out of them

DawnieP said...

I always need to see things on the lip, I'm not so good at imagining things. They're nice little shades though, very wearable

DawnieP said...

I went for a very natural one as my favourite, but you know me and lip colour LOL!

Amy said...

I love a matte lip pencil. Will definitely try these!


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