Somethin' and Somethin' and Buttons and Bows: Molly Gets a New Collar


So on Tuesday Molly turned 5. As it was her birthday I thought she deserved something pretty, so she got a new collar. Not just any collar, a lovely hand made collar especially for her and her fat little neck. It's well known that I'm obsessed with black and white polka dots. I have six (perhaps 7) black with white polka dot dresses alone, I figured it was time Molly started getting into the tradition too!


So I contacted Lulu's Closet Pet Boutique on eBay as I'd seen some of their other collars, (hello sequins) and really adored this polka dot and bow one. I asked if it could be made custom for her, and quick as a flash it was done. 

I loved how adorably vintage it looked!


So I bought her this one, and doesn't she just look completely adorable in it?

pretty pug

I must admit, when me and himself look at her and we see the bow, we just go 'awwwwwww I can't cope with the cuteness!' It is such a nice light collar, with heaps of room on her. We're just delighted.

And finally, it's hard being this beautiful, so she has a little nap to herself. Seriously, how is this comfortable?

cute pug

Anyway girls, no doubt I'll be back to buy her even more but just for now look at the cuteness!

Much Love


Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

<3 her! x

Aine O said...

i want a pug so bad! this colloar is just too cute!!

Jenna said...

aww shes so cute! I have a 3 year old Pug named nellie! Pugs are hilarious, and have a mind of their own!

That's so Fletch

xo, Jay

DawnieP said...

I love it! They have wizard I oz red sequin ones and I'm just so going to have to buy her one too! Lol

DawnieP said...

Awwww hello Nellie! They are so funny you're right! They're also so greedy: keeping Molly out of the bin is a full time occupation.

Sara said...

Ah bless her! Happy birthday

Sian said...

Sooo adorable! Happy birthday Molly! xx

Lauren said...

Awh how cute! :) happy belated birthday to Molly! Also loving the Frasier reference! :D

DawnieP said...

No-one ever gets that reference! Serious kudos to you Lauren xxxx

schoolgatestyle said...

The cutest - LOVE IT! xx

Sunny & Star said...

What a cute puppy. I love her new collar.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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MissTeefeyLee said...

awwww, such a cute collar, happy birthday!


Adrienne said...

I just adore pugs! The new collar is very snazzy :)

What Lola Wants

Mary Lou said...

oh gosh how adorable is that cute doggie! you have to know i love dogs madly ;)

Amy Kidd said...

Arw, I'm so jealous, I've wanted a pug for some time now they are just so lovely.


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