Wedding Decisions: We Make Some Big Wedding Plans

Hello my lovelies. It feels like ages since I've done a proper wedding post. Fear not those of you who were enjoying them, the break only came as I had nothing much to report. But today I have news! 

Some of you may remember my post from the summer about Decadence Vintage Bridal Fair. It was at Malone House and I really liked the space. Himself and I had always said that we didn't fancy the big hotel wedding, we wanted something small and intimate. Malone House really fit that criteria for me.

Well we've decided upon it, this is where our wedding will be. In the Georgian Manor with its duck egg blue rooms.

We popped up when they had a wedding on so we could get a sense of what the space looked like dressed for the occasion. The dining room is duck egg blue with gorgeous ornate cornicing and antique mirrors and friezes, also 2 gigantic fireplaces. 
The couple getting married had a sparkle curtain, but it won't be there for our wedding, the back wall has a really big mirror on it and a fireplace. 

I loved the big windows, which will be gorgeous when we're all having our dinner with the huge candelabras on the tables, the candlelight bouncing off all the mirrors and the exterior all lit up.

Most people have their top tables up by the fireplace and I rather like it. 

Oh and announcement! We're having a Christmas Wedding!

Christmas 2013 folks! Keep it in your calendars. So the fireplaces will have garlands and little fairy lights. There'll be frost on the hills and it'll be lovely.

The house has a massive Christmas tree in the foyer and another upstairs so there'll be lots of Christmassy moments. I've also been told that I can treat my guests to a little post ceremony mulled wine and mince pies.

I'm hoping for a little smattering of snow and gorgeousness so I can get all my gorgeous Christmas decorations out. I absolutely cannot wait to get my wedding ring on so i'll be a very sparkly Dr Mrs Himself ! (Does anyone know how that works, being that I'm not dropping my name and just hyphenating I should be OK right?)

I've been looking at more dresses online, here are some of my current favourites!

I just thought this was so pretty. I probably would go for a sweetheart neckline but it is just so adorable!

This has been my favourite dress for about 3 years now. I just love the very 50's cinched waist detail. I also love the champagne colour. Although I'm very much a fan of the silvery grey lace look at the moment.

I loved this 1960's styled dress. I thought it was really simple but so lovely.

So fluffy! I'm really loving swooshy skirts at the moment. Totally impractical but hey if you can't have a completely impractical dress for your wedding day when can you?

So that is my wedding post for the day?

What do you guys think of my current dress picks and venue? 

Much Love

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