12 Days of Christmas Must Haves Day 10-Pearl Drops Give Me Some Shiny Gnashers

I've never been a big devotee of tooth whitening, mainly because I've never really thought it worked overly well. I used to use the gumshield trays of whitening and it never did a thing so I think that has always put me off. 

This post was really an accident as I picked up some Pearl Drops when I was in the chemist looking for new toothpaste and they were the ones that I picked. The difference came when I cleaned my teeth with it that night and I noticed an instant difference. My teeth were cleaner, whiter, they just looked so much better. I'm sure some of you would be like 'so?' but I was really impressed this was an instant effect!

I now use my pearl drops morning and night, I've started mixing them together, I mix my blue Advanced Whitening with the pink Instant Beauty and I've been so impressed with the difference in my teeth. 
When I go to bed I also use Beauty Sleep which is a gel that you rub on your teeth before sleep and it works  overnight..

What I really love about this is it is so purse friendly, I know so many whitening treatments cost a fortune but I have to say these are about £1.99 my bathroom is currently filled with them!

I'm really chuffed, I'd say if you see them give them a shot, I'm a total fan got to be the most cost effective whitening that works around.

Happy white smiles folks!

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