12 Days of Christmas Must Haves Day 11-Vita Liberata Shop and Tan

I was invited to the launch of Vita Liberata at House of Fraser a little while ago. I hadn't blogged about it because I wanted to try out the tan and see what I thought. You see this tan lasts up to four weeks, I was pretty sceptical but apparently you should get double the time you normally get from your tan out of it.

At the launch we were shown the range and got to see all the different mousses, gels and moisturisers. We also got to have a look at their new spray tan cab. Yes folks if you are in House of Fraser you can pop to the Vita Liberata stand and get a spray tan in the middle of the store. I should point out you do have your privacy it is a little cab where you will get sprayed to bronze glory.

I put it on liberally as I was wearing one of the new party dresses at Very.co.uk that I had been sent. It required bare legs and mine were as white as a milkbottle and the metallic shade just highlighted my pallor even more.
So here's the big question, did it last? Well yes and no. Tan always comes off my hands and face first, as I'm washing my hands a lot and cleansing my face. I applied the moisturiser and it gave me a lovely shimmer over my tan. The tan on my body lasted for about a week and a half which for me is very good I normally get 4-5 days out of a tan. I had to top the face and hands up half way through the week but it wasn't particularly difficult. 

The girls showed us how to get our hands tanned without those tell tail white bits in the creases of the knuckles and since then I've been doing that. For those who don't know make yourself a Gaga monster paw

Then pinch the side of your mitt over your fingers one by one. Easy! I like to sing Bad Romance to myself as I do it.

So there you go for a bit of Christmas tan get yourself into a tan cab or grab yourself a bottle so you can keep your tan longer!

Much Love

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