12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 2 Shamballa Stocking Fillers

Well unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of Shamballa bracelets. The bracelets inspired by Indian and Tibetan jewellery, take Buddhist symbols and create a spiritual jewellery. One of the first shamballa bracelets as they're known now was actually made on request for Jay-Z by Mads Kornerup a jeweller in New York.

I've picked them for my Day 2 Christmas Must Have because they're so pretty and now have hit the mainstream and become much more affordable. They can be stacked up for a very boho look or you can wear just the one. I currently have one on each of my wrists. 

I love these two from Catwalk Glamour, I liked the simplicity of the black and white but of course they have meanings.

Black- The absence of light, associated with strength, power, formality, elegance and authority
White -Associated with the Crown Chakra, colour of perfection and thought to increase the flow of the light force. Healing mind, body and spirit and stands of wholeness, completion, truth and kindness.

What a mix right?

There are heaps of other colours, I have to admit I'm vain and went for the white because I thought it looked so pretty with my tan. But there are blues, pinks, purples, greens and reds for those with other colour preferences.

My shamballa bracelets came from Catwalk Glamour, they're handmade Czech crystal and very pretty.

Much Love

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