12 Days Of Christmas Must Haves Day 4- My So Called Life, Possibly The Best Tv Show Ever

Is there such a thing as a perfect tv show? Most people would cite The Wire or some such thing but I would argue My-So-Called-Life is it. As a teenager I got to see this show when it was rerunning on an Irish tv channel called Network 2. I think I was about 14 and it was at least 4 years since it came off air. It was like an absolute shock to the system. It offered a central character that wasn't learning grand lessons every week. She was self critical, intelligent, introverted, she was real. Oddly though what the show did that others of the same ilk did not was create an entire ensemble cast with their own issues.

This is my pick for a brilliant Christmas Must Have, buy this for your girl friends this Christmas, your daughters, your sisters it is just too excellent not to.

Claire Danes plays Angela Chase a teenager coming to terms with life, new friends, changing identity and of course love. Her friends Rayanne, a scatty, alcoholic and Ricky, still trying to admit his own sexuality to himself come up against Angela's old friends Brian and Sharon who are feeling the effects of being swapped for her new radically different friends.

Jared Leto plays Jordan Catalano the mysterious, locker leaning, guitar playing object of her affection. He doesn't seem to know she exists but isn't that always the way with high school? I think everyone who watches this is going to relate completely to that experience. It's a show which delves into sexuality, drugs, sex, marriage, relationships, siblings, homelessness, and even more there's just no other way than to say it is the bravest piece of drama aimed at teens I've ever seen.

So good is it that the internet is filled with petitions, websites, open letters to bring it back. Even though it is now a bit late to do that it shows the kind of affection and love felt for the show. It was named second best show of ALL TIME by AOL TV and number 9 in the 25 Best Cult TV Shows of the Last 25 Years in Entertainment Weekly. It's very well thought of and for good reason, the soundtrack is excellent as well. I'm incapable of listening to Buffalo Tom's Late At Night without having a stupid smile on my face.

When I was about 19 downloading came into play in a big way and suddenly you were able to get shows which weren't on the tv any more. I had looked for it and looked for it but to no avail, then Amazon released it. JOY. I cannot tell you how many times I've watched it and it is always as good as I remember, it's a proper soft spot with me and I cannot praise it highly enough.

I recommend it to everyone, if you're a teenager, in your 20's or 30's whatever you're going to love it. Claire Danes is just stunning the whole ensemble is amazing, the tragedy of this show is that Danes never signed on for another season as she got offered Romeo and Juliet.

I implore you all go to Amazon or wherever buy the box set and you can thank me later I downright insist upon it!

Because I love you all so very very much, I've also attached the first episode of the show! So you can watch it hurrah!

Much love all

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