12 Days of Christmas Must Haves Day 7- Pugs Take Over Urban Outfitters

Pugs! I love em!

You know if you're a reader of this blog quite how much pug love I have, Molly has transformed my house, there are sneaky little pugs everywhere and we love anything with pugs on it. So say hello to Urban Outfitters who I think have become my new favourite retailer as everything is pug filled from either Gemma Correll or the amazing Pugs Might Fly! (Oh God I love Pugs Might Fly so much it actually hurts my face).

I'm not even going to pretend, but when I saw these on my computer screen I actually did a bit of a scream, I adore anything with pugs on it and these are just amazing! I cannot believe they have so much pug stuff.

I saw these amazing things on their website and I really, really, really x100 want them all. Alas I think they're a little out of my price range as unfortunately I still have other people to buy for this Christmas, so I may have to just settle for sadly pawing at the window. But if anyone is just desperate to buy me a present then by all means feel free to buy me any of these.


Look at these! Look at them! They're flying pug wall hangings! I want them in every colour they come in!

Amazingly gorgeous cushions with flying pugs from Pugs Might Fly

Pug fairy lights, not even kidding Oh Pugs Might Fly you are wondrous

Oh my god it just looks like Molly and everything!

Gemma Correll's Elvis Pug.
Gemma Correll's Pug Life, it is just adorable

Just amazing cushiony fabulousness from Pugs Might Fly

So if you have a pug loving friend, or if you love me very much and think I need to have more pug things in my life (say you do go on!) then feel free to buy me any of these things and I will love you forever and ever.

Much Pug Love Folks

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