12 Days of Christmas Must Haves Day 8- Lost In Austen

I was 12 years old when Pride and Prejudice with the Ehle Firth combination aired on the BBC. I was besotted and like so many things at the time there wasn't the same ability to just download it or buy the DVD. So if you didn't record it on VHS kids yup I'm that old then you weren't seeing it again. Now of course I own the remastered DVD, but it set off a love of Austen which has stayed with me.

I don't like the Pride and Prejudice film with Kiera Knightley, genuinely it makes me cross as it is just nowhere near what it should be so I had trepidation when the BBC started showing a mini drama called Lost In Austen. 

The amazing Alex Kingston as Mrs Bennett she's a shrewd cookie.

The concept, Amanda Price lives in London present day, an ardent Jane Austen fan. She knows the book better than anyone. One night she hears a commotion in her bathroom, to find Elisabeth Bennett standing in her bathtub. There is a door which seems to open from her bathroom to the top floor of the servants quarters in the Bennett household. As Amanda peeks through the door it slams behind her, she's trapped in the Bennett house, she's in the book and things are about to go very wrong in the story.

I don't tolerate bad Austen adaptations but this is just wonderful, it's so clever and witty. The cast are all superb I adore Alex Kingston, Hugh Bonneville, Jemima Roper and Elliot Cowan is wonderful as Darcy. Special mention must be given to Guy Henry as Mr Collins, he is genuinely amazing. The writers clearly are Pride and Prejudice fans as they know everything there is to know about the world so that they can riff off and change as they need to and anticipate how the characters will act. 

My favourite bit? I have two, firstly when Amanda is asked to entertain Darcy, Bingley and Miss Bingley at Netherfield and she sings Downtown which is just amazing. Mr Bingley remarks 'I know when life is gettin' me down, I shall go down town Miss Price'. Secondly I think it has to be Amanda's post modern moment when she asks Darcy will he stand in the lake for her. I think we all just nearly cried with joy. 

Elliot Cowan is just superb he actually made me forget Colin Firth a little which is high praise indeed. 

I won't tell you any more because I don't want to spoil it but if you love Pride and Prejudice this is for you! 
It's for all those people who have always wondered what it would be like to meet Darcy, what is must be like to meet the person you've been in love with for most of your adult life. 
It is a fantastic Christmas present for any Darcy lovers out there. Genuinely a drama series that has been made with so much love for the book.
Much Love


MaMMaMoon said...

couldn`t agree more . ^^v about everything! absolutely adooore ehle firth version. it`s so amazing and i never get tired of watching it. the keira one was dreadful and just made me so mad i could only watch 10minutes until skipping most of it. lost in austen is quite good fun! at first i had my doubts but enjoyed it once it really got started. ^^
i think this xmas will expect to have another austen marathon...(i hear my husband crying in pain XD)


Fernanda said...

This sounds absolutely amazing! I'm more of a Keira Knightly P&P girl, I'm sure I would love to watch this! xx


GreyPea said...

Thanks for the recommendation. MrsPea just adores the Firth Ehle marathon. Even I have been known to watch an episode or two (Mr Collins is superb). This sounds intriguing. MrsPea will be receiving this as a stocking filler.

GreyPea x

SummitTechnology said...

Nice way to celebrate a very long X-mas. Looking forward for the next agenda

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