Baby It's Cold Outside: Molly Has A New Coat


I should probably put a little cuteness warning up here but yes Molly has a new winter coat.

A little purple tartan duffle coat to be precise! Enjoy


I just think it's adorable. Molly I'm afraid is not so keen!

Himself and I just cannot look at her because we both collapse in 'awwwwwwwwwww's

Here she is with a very excited face about her new coat!

Don't forget to tune in on Monday to see my secret santa picks and also the 12 Days of Christmas Must Haves starts on Tuesday so it'll be filled with inspiration and my favourite things!

Much love folks!


Hola Bambi said...

This is absolutely adorable! Xxx

DawnieP said...

Thanks lol! She's not a fan but it keeps her warm!

Chelsea Palmer said...

How adorable is she!! :) x

daisychain said...

What a cutie! x

Lavender Loafers said...

OMG!!!! Its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is adorable!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Oh I'm sorry I just died of cute.

DawnieP said...

No-one sue me for dying of cute ok! The disclaimer is there! :)

Tru said...

OMG she's SO cute & tubby! The little red bow is a lovely touch.

DawnieP said...

Lol tru she'll paw you in the face for calling her tubby :) the little bow is from her collar, also ridiculously cute !! Glad you like her wee coat!

Victoria said...

She is soo cute!

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