Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Blogger Secret Santa Project

The lovely folk from Money Supermarket got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked me if I'd like to take part in their Blogger Secret Santa project. The idea is that the guys at Money Supermarket send us £25 and then pair us with another blogger and we buy a present for them. 

Of course I said yes!

I was pretty eager to see who I'd be paired with but I was also really apprehensive. I was worried that maybe I'd not have a clue what to get them. So I awaited the email in trepidation. 

I needn't have worried when I got the email through from the Money Supermarket team I discovered I was paired with Phoebe from North of London Blog . I was chuffed as it meant I had a new blog to follow and enjoy. Phoebe is a media and journalism student with a serious passion for beauty, she's also gorgeous so she definitely knows a thing or two about beauty!
She is really thorough and her blog is filled to the brim with new products, favourites and style and is such a definite must read for beauty lovers, I have serious envy at her header as well, as it's so pretty!

When it came to picking a present for her I was aware that the thing about us beauty bloggers is we know what we like so it's a brave person who chooses to buy us something beauty related.

The Present

Now I'm not going to disclose what I bought as after all where would the fun surprise be in that?
I will give you some clues though....

Clue 1: 

A little obscured picture of the present wrapped. What could it be?

Clue 2: I put a lot of time into making elements of the present myself, here's a tiny little sneak peak of one of the Alice themed labels I made. But labels for what....

A little Alice inspired label made by me

Clue 3: I wanted to make this present a little bit special, so I wanted to make sure it was as personal as possible. I was trying to be creative as  I wanted Phoebe to feel like it wasn't just a generic present from someone she didn't know so I put my thinking cap on and hopefully got the right mix of pretty, whimsy that it'll be well received.

So folks that is the challenge, I'm just really hoping she likes it I remarked to Himself when I was neck deep in pritt stick and ribbons that maybe I should have gone with something a little simpler but I was really happy with the overall result and I really hope she is too.

So thank you to Money Supermarket for arranging this fun challenge for us all, if any of you want to follow the tweets of the participants who are sending and receiving their gifts then you can check out the hashtag at #msmsecretsanta and read all the blog posts.

Much Love Folks
I'll see you Wednesday for the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas Must Haves

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