Secret Santa from Money SuperMarket Revealed!

As some of you may know, or maybe you're involved, the fantastic Money Supermarket asked bloggers to buy a secret Santa present for each other. We got paired up and we each had £25 to buy a present for the blogger we were paired with and vice versa. Now I have to point out that I've had a few people ask me what I sent and you can check out my Secret Santa partner's blog North of London Blog which will reveal what I bought her, but I've also promised that after the secret Santa is over I will do a post on it and show you all how to make the individual bits that went with it.

So after I'd send off my present I realised I would be getting one, it was odd I'd put so much effort into picking a present that I'd completely forgotten someone would be picking one for me! So I was curious to see what Phoebe would pick. I get told I'm easy to buy for and I get told I'm hard to buy for, personally I think I'm dead easy, anything with a pin up girl or a pug on it and I'm sure to love it !

So I waited for what would come through! When I got my present it came through with a whole batch of Christmas presents I'd ordered for other people so I was a little like 'ooooo what's this?' It was in a tube so I was wracking my brain as to what I'd bought. Then head thump I realised it must be my secret Santa present.

Initially I thought 'is it a poster?' I was unwrapping the tube and it was a bit bigger than A4 and I couldn't for the life of me work out what it would be then I opened it out! It made me laugh so much I said to himself 'my goodness Phoebe must have done her homework on me!' It's such a thoughtful present and I'm currently debating where to put it.

Does anyone have any suggestion for frames? I was thinking maybe a black one, keep it simple? What do we all think?

Much Love Folks and Thanks Phoebe!


Almost Precious said...

Secret Santa really knew what you like. I'm sure the poster will become a treasure - if it hasn't already.

I really appreciated your stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I must confess that for the last couple of weeks I haven't spent any time online since I was preoccupied with family and all the preparations leading up to Christmas. Hope your holidays were joyfully pleasant and may your New Year be a bright and prosperous one. :)

Beauty Balm said...

oh what a fantastic present! And something you'll always have. I also think a black frame would be perfect x

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