Secret Santa from Money SuperMarket Revealed!

As some of you may know, or maybe you're involved, the fantastic Money Supermarket asked bloggers to buy a secret Santa present for each other. We got paired up and we each had £25 to buy a present for the blogger we were paired with and vice versa. Now I have to point out that I've had a few people ask me what I sent and you can check out my Secret Santa partner's blog North of London Blog which will reveal what I bought her, but I've also promised that after the secret Santa is over I will do a post on it and show you all how to make the individual bits that went with it.

So after I'd send off my present I realised I would be getting one, it was odd I'd put so much effort into picking a present that I'd completely forgotten someone would be picking one for me! So I was curious to see what Phoebe would pick. I get told I'm easy to buy for and I get told I'm hard to buy for, personally I think I'm dead easy, anything with a pin up girl or a pug on it and I'm sure to love it !

So I waited for what would come through! When I got my present it came through with a whole batch of Christmas presents I'd ordered for other people so I was a little like 'ooooo what's this?' It was in a tube so I was wracking my brain as to what I'd bought. Then head thump I realised it must be my secret Santa present.

Initially I thought 'is it a poster?' I was unwrapping the tube and it was a bit bigger than A4 and I couldn't for the life of me work out what it would be then I opened it out! It made me laugh so much I said to himself 'my goodness Phoebe must have done her homework on me!' It's such a thoughtful present and I'm currently debating where to put it.

Does anyone have any suggestion for frames? I was thinking maybe a black one, keep it simple? What do we all think?

Much Love Folks and Thanks Phoebe!

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