Golden Globe Fashion: The Hits and The Misses

So the award season has truly begun, Last night the Golden Globes kicked it all off. I know everyone is going to be talking about the fashion hits and misses at last night's Awards but there were a few things that I loved and a few that I really hated, really, really hated. Now before I begin I should point out there were lots of dresses that I thought were lovely, Glenn Close, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway loads that were lovely, but I've picked my favourites, the ones that were a little bit special.

So let's begin!

The dresses I thought suited their celebs perfectly

Jennifer Laurence was full of win!
I loved this dress on sight. Dior, it was very similar to Zooey Dechanel's but Laurence's worked so much better. Nipped in at the waist and the accessory of the metal belt made the look young, fresh and edgy. I couldn't fault her at all, she is also unbelievably tiny.

Amy Adams looking stunning in the nude!
First things first can I tell you right now, Amy Adams is 38, really! I don't know what kind of youth serum she's on but I want it by the bucket load! I loved this dress, it went amazingly with her complexion and her 1920s pin curl hair was just adorable. The dress is by Marchesa and it reminded me an awful lot of the 1960s. Loved it though.

Naomi Watts rocking my world in vintage inspired  Zac Posen
Naomi Watts in Zac Posen, dream come true. Seriously I adored this gown. It might not rank on the best dresses according to other sites but Zac Posen for me is a genius with dresses. This took my fancy because it grabbed a hold of the 1940s and didn't let go. The gathered cut out at the neck, the silk accents down the sides of the bust, the streamlined silhouette and then out of nowhere a train. I loved how demure it was but it was the 1940s elements that sealed it for me.

Taylor Swift in plum
So Taylor Swift is a lucky lady isn't she? Her back catalogue of exes spans movie stars to most recently One Direction scream inducing Harry Styles, not only that but she looks amazing. Her Donna Karan dress is certainly very easily wrinkled but my goodness isn't it stunning on her. I loved the plum colour and adored how it sculpts to her frame. She looks stunning.

Nicole bringing back Deco design in McQueen
This is one of those dresses that will divide people but it's McQueen and I adored it on her. It may not suit everyone but it was a really clever pick by her stylist. Nicole is tiny and I loved this dress as I felt the geometric midsection gave her shape and curves that she doesn't usually have. It was a fantastic optical effect. It reminded me of the Empire State Building and because I love Art Deco design this was really up my street. Would I wear it? No. I would look ridiculous, let me tell you right now those lines would be anything but straight on me but she's so petite she pulls it off.

Michele Dockery looks regal
I adored this dress, the detailing, the proportions, it was Edwardian chic and glamourous at the same time. Genuine hat tip to her stylist, talk about keeping her in character. Just beautiful.

The dresses I wasn't so keen on.

Sienna in custom Erdem
Hey Sienna, the 1960s called, it would like its duvet cover back! Awful, I know the separates, the shape are very cutting edge but it does nothing for her, the colours wash her out terribly. If she was going for that shape a more powerful colour would have worked a lot better. It just looks very washed out, Sienna's a gorgeous girl, she can do better than curtains for a kids room.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosts of the show.
You'll be pleased to hear they changed before presenting the show, these outfits just hurt my head so much. Firstly I don't necessarily mind Tina's too much, but the length and the lace detailing is a bit middle aged. I love Amy Poehler but the combination of tight cropped trousers in an unforgiving satin and strappy stripper shoes was just too much. She has a gorgeous figure and these trousers just seem to cut her in all the wrong places. I mean if you're going to go for the suit look, think long flowing trousers to elongate the figure and accentuate the low cut neck. The drama of her neckline is being taken away by the short sleeves and the short trousers, it's like she borrowed it from her little brother. Imagine those sleeves longer, the trousers longer, flowing and a great pair of heels. So much more elegant.

Emily Blunt
Ok I have to be honest I don't hate this dress at all, I'm just so bored of it. I've seen this shape with the cut out middle, a la hippy 1969 for what seems like months and months now. Every dress on the high street has it, every time I go out at the weekend I see girls wearing the same style. It just did nothing for me. She's beautiful, I like the detailing but the middle spoiled it for me.

Jessica Chastain has every right to be blue in Calvin Klein
Seriously which stylist looked at the beautiful Jessica Chastain as she walked from her suite and said 'hey you know what I like the most about this dress on her? The way it sort of badly hangs around her breasts making them appear pendulous and as though we've never fitted this on her, oh and the way the waist looks like it's been made from an ill constructed drawstring.Yes that's what I like about it.' What the heck were they thinking, she has the most perfect amazing skin tone and figure and they drown her in Arctic blue. Oh dear.

Shock horror I'm going to be stoned
Ok calm down everyone, I'm going to say something only very slightly negative about Zooey Dechanel, can we all handle it? Alright. I love the colour of the dress, like I said it's very similar to Jennifer Laurence's. Here's the but though, I'm just not loving the 1980's prom dress vibe with it. She has a small frame and the sweetheart neckline seems to hang a bit too low on her. Of course she always looks beautiful, I'm just not dying about the dress.

J-Lo move away from the lace
First of all, if I looked like Jennifer Lopez I would never wear any clothes ever, but I'm so bored of these lace/nude jumpsuits and dresses on her. It seems to be all she wears. I think I was just disappointed more than anything, I feel like I've seen her in this outfit constantly over the last few months. I was looking forward to seeing what she would wear.

 My 'I just don't know if I like it or not' of the night!

Kate Hudson daring in embellishment
The prize for the 'I just don't know' goes to Kate Hudson. I don't know about this dress, part of me loves it and part of me finds it a little bit too Versace 1990s. I love the belt but I just am not sure about the neck detailing. What do we think?

So that's my look at my favourite and not so favourite dresses from the awards. What about you guys? What was your Golden Globe favourite.

Much Love

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