Love And Other Vices: Valentines Collections

Right folks, I know all too well some of us like Valentines some of us hate it. Some of us think that you shouldn't need an expensive day to tell someone you love them and some of us can't wait until February 14th. There are many different opinions and I recognise them all. I enjoy Valentines, not because of the cards and presents (honestly that's a hassle sometimes) but because I love anything pink and red, and there's loads of hearts and gorgeous pinks in the shops at the minute.

I thought I'd show you some of the lovely little pieces around at the minute for Valentines so you can enjoy pinks, hearts, and pretty things regardless of romance!


NYC have brought out their Valentines Collection, a range of 3 pinks/reds/oranges and a lovely silver in full metal jacket I got sent these and I threw them all on at once. They're a bargainilicious £1.79 each. One for each finger!

They also have Liquid Lipshine in Rockafeller Red at £2.99.

I slicked Full Metal Jacket over my Times Square, it's on my ring finger and I thought it gave me a bit of an accent for my engagement ring!

I was also lucky enough to get sent two of the most adorable pieces from the Marks and Spencer Limited Collection heart shaped pinks!

Squeals right? I thought this was adorable, I love pinks regardless of the season and I died of cuteness for this!

Here's the pink, heart shaped lipstick, very pink, I cannot cope with how adorable it is. If you're a fan of pinks this has got to be one for you.

Here's the swatch of the blusher, when they all mix together you get a lovely soft pink. It reminds me of Benefit's Dandelion.

So girls do you love the pinks in the shops at the minute regardless of their Valentines associations? What is your dream way to spend Valentines day? I think mine is eating chocolate and drinking pink champagne, personally I'd quite happily do it by myself (more for me).

Much Love

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