Stop Crying To The Ocean: Sea Walks, Christmas and 50's Dreses

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas, was it absolutely marvellous? I've got some Christmas pictures to share with you all!

Game of Thrones fans may recognise the Iron Islands here, it';s actually Ballintoy near my parents house

I had the quietest Christmas with my parents at their house up in the North Coast, Himself and the pug, it was really lazy and actually really nice. We had cold walks and fresh air. There's something lovely about sitting about in your new pyjamas all day drinking cava and eating turkey sandwiches!

Rathlin Island in the background, on clear days you can see Scotland

Ballintoy harbour, it was so beautiful

We aren't really a family that buys heaps and heaps of presents for each other. My mother tells me every year there's nothing she needs so I buy her all of her favourite Clarins creams, and her favourite No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense. It means that she's getting things she uses, I also usually do them a little stocking with nail files, polishes, socks etc. My dad is really tricky to buy for so I usually go for a classic comedy DVD we get him tickets to his favourite gig and I do his little stocking with screwdrivers, socks etc. It's always pretty small presents.

Me and my paternal grandmother on a hall table

I have total jealousy of my mum's mirror, isn't it epic?

My favourite decorations, the skating snowmen!

As for himself well we don't buy each other massive things, we have a wedding to pay for after all! This year I bought him a Kindle as like me he loves reading and there are so many books he just races through, our house is already coming down with books so both our Kindles are saving us constant book drop offs at the Charity Shops. 

Christmas Tree

My parents bought me a sewing machine, and I am useless with it! I had this grand idea that I wanted to be a sewing whizz and I do, I really do. I want to make my own clothes, make pin up style dresses and put them on the blog, pug cushions the works! I plugged in the sewing machine and pressed the pedal, in less than five seconds the thread had snapped and I had no clue how to fix it. I've been scanning the internet for tutorials, as my machine didn't come with instructions! What? 

So the sewing isn't going too well. I'm debating joining a class but I'm a bit scared that I will be frighteningly useless, I have the sewing stage fright, mainly just because I can't work my machine. There's a local class that says you can hand sew if you want so I'm trying to summon up my courage. What do you think guys, should I do it?

I also want to show you my Christmas Day make up, it's not very exciting but I took pictures (for once) because I wasn't rushing about so I thought I would share it!

Here's the products, pretty natural.

Base: MAC Mineralise SatinFinish
Primer: Benefit Porefessional (I love it)
Concealer: Soap and Glory Trick or Treatment
Bronzer: NYC Bronze Duo
Blush: The Balm Down Boy
Eyes: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
Mascara: NYC Voluminous
Lips: NYC Lip Stain Berry

I kept the lips really light with just a little colour

I had to show you my favourite dress at the moment, not amazing pictures and I look a bit sleepy but I love it. It's from Lindy Bop and it's very Sandra Dee, great shape and actually sits at a proper length on me (shock horror) so they're my new favourite dress people.

Messy bedroom at my parent's house, oh and my flurry black bootie slippers (amaze)
As always I've been writing on for way too long but I couldn't resist and I thought I would leave you with a little picture of Molly posing like a mad thing.

I know I know but I'm dying of adorableness!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a totally amazing new year. What are all of your resolutions?

Much Love and Pug Hugs

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