Straighten Up: ghd Straight and Tame Takes On My Curls

I have very curly hair, it is the bane of my life. Due to that frizzy, curly fact I have a large selection of ghd straightening irons, I have the wide plate irons, the normal irons. I use them every day, so I also have a plethora of heat protection sprays, oils, etc. You guys get the idea.

When I got asked if I'd like to try a PR sample of the new blow dry cream from ghd Straight and Tame I said 'um hello yes, give it to me right now.' So I got my sticky paws on it and I decided it was going to get the test of its life with my hair.

I thought I would of course have to show you a picture of my hair when it is at it's natural curly best. Where's the challenge if I don't show you what my hair is like without blowdrying, without creams, without all the things that I have to put on my hair to tame it.

That seems fair right?

So I washed my hair and I let it dry naturally just for the purposes of the experiment and of course I took pictures!

Look at my shocked curl face

So I decided after I'd straightened the life out of that do,I got my Straight and Tame ready for the next time I washed my hair.

Hair washed

I applied a few pumps of straight and tame and blow dried! I also used my Kerastase Ultime Exlir to make it a bit more moisturised.

Et Voila!

I found it was a lot easier to blow dry with the Straight and Tame on it, it seemed to keep the kink out of it and because it was ghd I was much less worried about using my straighteners with it. Isn't it so shiny!?

I'm well impressed, go ghd you can check out their page here 

Much Love

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