Vintage Loveliness: I Buy A New Satchel

My favourite vintage store just got Paypal.

Ok let that sink in folks. I should tell you that the store is Hope and Gloria that I've written an article on them here. I love Hope and Gloria, they're a not for profit vintage store in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, when I'm in the area which isn't as often as I'd like I always go in and get my vintage on. I have them on my Facebook and they constantly update their page with the latest vintage pieces in stock. I usually sit and drool at the computer, but recently I noticed a little satchel that I thought I had to have.

My wrapped present
I left them a little comment below the post and they pointed out they have Paypal and will post anything! Hello folks get yourselves over to their Facebook Page and check out just some of their stock.

My Satchel
Isn't my satchel gorgeous? 

Seriously folks, it's vintage gorgeous metal tipped and totally hits on the new satchel shapes of the season, I love the fact it's vintage and cost £14, yes folks £14!

A little note from the guys!

I'm so excited, all of you who love your vintage check them and get buying, they're such a great organisation and I want to keep them trading as long as possible! I think I've found my new favourite online store!

Much Love

Hope and Gloria Store Facebook Link 
Hope and Gloria Article


Ellie said...

Oooooh that is gorgeous! And the note is a nice touch too :) x

Nic StrawberryBlonde said...

V cute! The Facebook link leads to your original post doll x

Nic StrawberryBlonde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
schoolgatestyle said...

OMG - total awesomeness!! Off now to check out their Facebook page. Thank you for the tip-off lovely lady! Avril xx

Em said...

£14?!?!?! Oh my goodness this is gorgeous!! I am off to like their page right now! Great post as always :)



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