How To Make Your Very Own Tea Party In a Box

Hello my lovelies, you may remember around Christmas bloggers all over the country were doing the Money Supermarket Secret Santa competition. They gave us £25 to buy someone they had partnered us with a present. I remember mulling what I would send, what do you send someone you've never met? When I give presents I like to bake, I think baking is all about love, it's about feeding and looking after and spoiling someone. It brings out my Irish Italian roots! Well you won't believe it but I won!

My winning entry was a tea party in a box. I knew I couldn't bake the cupcakes in advance so instead I decided I'd make her a kit so she could make them herself. I was asked a few times how to put it together so I thought I'd make this little tutorial to show you!

First of all I made the labels. I themed mine Alice in Wonderland, complete with Eat Me, Drink Me labels. I think it's a really nice touch and it's so easy to make it just takes a little longer.

What you will need for labels

  • Card, use a high quality card
  • Patterned pages, really lush wallpaper, damaged book pages, I've printed pin up covers from the net to use on labels before, they worked really well.
  • Pritt Stick Glue
  • Scissors, I used scalloped edging shears.
  • Pen
  • Ribbon

Take your pages and stick them to the card with the glue.
Assess how big you want your labels and write your comments 'Eat Me' etc with enough space to cut them out.
Cut out your labels and decorate. 

To prepare your recipe sheet if you're using one, write your recipe on card and stick your decorative page to the back.
Cut around the recipe sheet.

When you're finished they should look like this. You don't have to make them look like labels but I did, you can see the Alice in Wonderland images on the back of the labels. 

Get yourself a very beautiful teacup to go along with your tea party, something that you think the other person will love. I went for the prettiest tea cup I've ever seen. It was this beautiful ornate pink bird cup from Irish boutique Avoca which was £13. It's pricey for a teacup but at the same time it's so beautiful. It's the main component of your Tea Party in a Box so make sure it's a good one.

Also poke little holes in your labels and thread the ribbon through. 30cm of ribbon will make a nice bow.

This is what your little label will look like when it's tied on to the teacup handle.

Here's the back, Alice and the Queen. As you can see you don't notice that it's been stuck on at all. Because you've cut when the glue has already bonded it you get a nice clean cut.

What You'll Need For Your Fillings
  • Cupcake Cases
  • Sandwich Bags (clear)
  • Sprinkles (whichever design you want, I went with cookie pieces, glitter and hearts)
  • Dry ingredients for your recipe (minus butter and eggs)
How to fasten
  • Pour your measured ingredients into the sandwich bag and seal the top removing any air, being careful not to let the ingredients go over the clear bag near the top.
  • Take your ribbon and tie it very tightly in a double knot and then add a bow.
  • Take your scissors and cut off the top to create a smaller neater bag, you don't want a huge tail on your bag.


Here are my labels and cases for the 'Fill Me' bag.

This is my little sprinkle bag, you can use whatever you want.

Here's the 'Frost Me' bag with its little label

This is my mix bag, you can see the clear bag is still neat, if you get any flour on your bags just wipe them with a tissue.

What you'll need for packaging
  • Baking paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Box
My bags all placed

Here is everything packed up. Give your teacup more packing than you think you'll need and always package your cup and saucer separately.
I cut off a sheet of baking paper big enough to line the bottom of the box and come over the top to be secured.
Add a layer of bubble wrap on top of the baking paper then place all your bags inside and your bubble wrapped teacup.

I placed my recipe card above the bags. I love this Alice scene.
When you're done you're down to the final flourishes!

Bring your baking paper together and add a tiny bit of cellotape to keep it together. You could thread ribbon through but it will just make the baking paper tear.
Then add your little hand written card to the top for the person who is to receive it and tie some ribbon through. A nice big bow this time. 

You're done!

Here I am with my prize! Thank you very much Money Supermarket. I hope all your Tea Parties in Boxes work very well for you.

Much Love as Always

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