It's Valentine's Day:Dress Decisions

Hello my lovelies. How are your Thursdays going? Are we allowed to mention the V word? Well I'm going to, not because I'm a crazy mad Valentines person but rather because I love any excuse to dress up. We are going out for dinner, I don't know where as he won't tell me. My lovelies I need your help though, what should I wear? I never do fashion posts but today I am going to be trying my best. I need an opinion!

So it's between the black 50s dress and the red 40s dress.No touch ups, no make up (frightening) which should I wear tonight?

Also, isn't it obvious I never do outfit posts! Quick mirror set up and my hair-drier still laying on the floor, so glamorous!

And red!

So girls what do we think? Which makes me look the least awful?

Also I have to say a big thank you to himself as he sent me a lovely big bouquet of roses.

So girls much love!

Until next time, give me your opinions!

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