My Fingertips Are Holding Onto The Cracks In Our Foundation :NYC Foundations

I recently got sent some of the new foundations from NYC for me to try out. You all know what I'm like I love a good tinker with new products. So I grabbed them all and tried them all out.


I've got the bottles beside me as I write this trying to describe the different textures. I've been wearing them all at some point some I like more than others. Lets jump in with the NYC Smooth Skin Mousse.

NYC Smooth Skin Mousse
You can see from the picture above, this is a whipped texture, very souffle like. I was really undecided on this one, let me tell you why. I have naturally quite dry skin and I found it didn't spread as well unless I used a good primer to pre-moisten my skin. I know what you're thinking I should be using primer all the time, but sometimes I am in a rush. What I did like about this foundation though was the coverage, I didn't need to use any concealer at all. It was also a nice matt texture and felt really nice. I think if you have oilier skin this will be great for you. 

Foundations, Not Blended in Natural Light

14 Hr All Day Long Foundation
This one is a great foundation if you like a long wear. I didn't find it lasted 14 hours on me, but it did last at least 8. It blended nicely into the skin, but again I found that my skin being a little bit drier it didn't suit it. Normally I wear a dewy foundation, because of the nature of this blend, in that it is designed to stay on I found it was a better foundation for those with an oily skin. I think those with oilier skin are maybe the people who this will be geared toward anyway, I think because I have dry skin I never really worry about foundation coming off because it just doesn't. Good for those with a oilier skin who want a long wear, also not talc filled like a lot of long wear.

Blended Foundations in Natural Light

Natural Matte
This one surprised me the most, I was expecting it to be really drying, I usually avoid anything matte like the plague (coincidently I can say 'I love you like the plague' in German, for those interested, along with 'I'd like a guinea pig and a black forest gateau please' covering all bases). I was really surprised though as it's very light, not heavy at all. Normally matte foundations are so heavy and powdery, this is really light and I think if you want a matte foundation and light-medium coverage you'll be really pleased.One thing I didn't like was the smell, very odd I know but it has a soapy kind of smell. I'm odd I know.

Skin Matching
This is my favourite, best for last and all that jazz. It's lovely and light and dewy and you really don't notice you're wearing it. It's a light coverage but as you all know girls, keep your foundation light and just add concealer where you need it. The lighter and more natural your foundation the younger you look. I also think there's loads of girls who have good skin but suffer from a few blemishes here and there (don't we all) who are covering all that lovely skin with heavy foundation! Get yourself a fabulous primer use a lovely medium to light foundation and a good concealer to cover what you need covered. Rant over. I liked this foundation though, you really don't notice it on the skin which is exactly what I like. As for the skin matching properties, I thought it would be too dark for me but it did blend in with my very pale skin, I think I'd be tempted to buy it a shade lighter to make the transition easier. 

I'm actually really impressed, these are budget foundations and I would absolutely say they blend fantastically. You can see yourselves in the pictures I've taken anyway, look how pale I am for goodness sake. Great wee buy if you want to experiment, I'd recommend the Skin Matching as my favourite. 

Much Love Girls

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