Roxanne, Put On The Red Light: Red Light Facial At Medi-Cosmetic

I love the chance to try things out and one of the perks of being a beauty blogger is sometimes you get wonderful invitations that you can't turn down.

When Medi-Cosmetic asked me if I would like to try their red light facial, I jumped at the chance. The red light facial has some great benefits, it's meant to boost the skin, heal, rejuvenate, plump out any fine lines.

The science behind it is that the red light releases things called cytokines in your skin. They're little chemical messengers which race around your skin producing fibroblasts which then do their work repairing, healing and plumping. My wonderful therapist Amanda says that it's like the red light 'gives your collagen a bit of a kick into action.' Perfect.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, Amanda (who I should point out has the most fantastic skin I have ever seen) talked me through the procedure. She told me she'd cleanse my skin then apply an exfoliant. She would then put a vitamin C cream on my skin for the red light and finish up with a vitamin C mask. It sounded fantastic and I couldn't wait to get started.

I took a quick picture of my skin, no make up obviously so be kind!

I came to the clinic with my skin already clean, here's the picture.
I was really excited about the treatment although I have to say I do hate leaving the house without a shred of even concealer on, but my lovelies I was prepared to do it in the quest for fabulous skin! I even took a picture!

The Treatment

Amanda told me to get changed so that I had my shoulders and decolletage bare, she left me out a little sarong that I could put on. I had worn a little skater dress so it was really easy to just slide it down and slide down my bra straps and actually put the sarong around me. I got cosy under the big warm blanket and Amanda started my treatment. 

She promised me I would relax, and I didn't doubt it, the lights were dimmed, lovely plinky plonky relaxing music was on. The rhythmical nature of the pads over my face and the hot cloths taking cleansers on and off was really relaxing. Amanda put the vitamin C cream on my face and warned me it may tingle a little but not to be worried. She then put little goggles on me, similar to the ones you would use on a tanning bed (only you guys wouldn't use those right?). She warned me she'd put it on half strength for about ten seconds then put the light on full strength and that my eyes would readjust after a minute (they were closed). The light went on and it was so bright, when it went to full strength I found myself screwing up my eyes for a few seconds but after about 20 seconds my eyes got used to it. 
The red light machine

As I lay there Amanda gave me an arm and hand massage which was lovely and soothing, the light began to change to almost green as my eyes were closed even though it was always red. The bed had a lovely heated pad under it which got warmer as I lay there, as Amanda finished massaging each hand and arm, she tucked them up into the heavy blanket. I actually thought I would quite easily fall asleep. I was warm, cosy, the light was very soothing after a while. Amanda then left me to myself for the last ten minutes. My eyes had become so used to the light it had become a clear glow, the bed had become so lovely and warm and my hands and arms were very relaxed, I don't think I could have moved if I'd wanted to.

Amanda then came back and turned off the light to finish the treatment. Everything seemed so dark without it, but she applied a deep vitamin C mask and left me to relax, enjoy the heat and let the mask harden. When she came back I confess I was nearly asleep. She went through the same lovely rhythm of cleansing and hot cloths until my face felt like it was glowing. With a deft application of SPF we were done. She left me to get changed and I nearly floated out the door.

The Results
Amanda says it is the most popular treatment and I can see why, I know the purpose of the light is to rejuvenate and boost collagen but it's great as a relaxing treatment. I also found it really boosted my mood, the bright light seemed to really give my light starved body the kick it needed. My mood had been in the doldrums the previous few days (it is January) and this left me much perkier and relaxed.

Here I am afterwards  my skin a little redder. The SPF was needed as my skin felt really sensitive to the sunlight, I could feel the sun on my face. (A lesson to us all about wearing SPF)
My skin felt so smooth and really soft, it had that lovely glow to it as well. I really didn't want to put make up on and I actually didn't until the next night. This treatment has no downtime afterwards you can apply your make up straight after if you wish. It's perfect for a lunch time treatment but be prepared you will just be so chilled out afterwards you won't be productive at all.

Who is it for?
According to Amanda this treatment is perfect for anyone 20-80 years old. If you want to obliterate those fine lines and wrinkles and plump up your skin then this is for you. I will be booking my mum in for her birthday as I think she will love the relaxation. It just feels like you are being spoiled and we all need a little spoiling in our lives. I would do it again in a heartbeat and it would be for the relaxation and the mood boosting properties I can't think of a better pampering way to put a spring in your step.

Available at Medi-Cosmetic Jordanstown and Bloomfield Avenue Belfast. To book you can call (02890) 861186 or use their contact form on their wesbite here .

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