Time For Tea...Cakes: Tunnocks For a Retro Valentines Day

How do you eat your Tea Cake?

We love a Tea Cake in our house, I personally like to eat the chocolate off first, then lick out the middle and finish up with the biscuit. So yum! My Mr on the other hand just throws them in his mouth whole, so if you want to hang onto them in our house you have to hide them!

Now I know you love eating them, but did you know you could do your valentines shopping with them? Bet you didn't!

Nothing says love like a gigantic Tea Cake!

Gorgeous Tea Cake tea-towel, cup, and Caramel cufflinks
There isn't much in the world that makes me jump up and down, but when Christmas comes around and the gigantic boxes of Tunnocks Tea Cakes are in the shops that does it every time.

I've nabbed some of their fantastic merchandise to show you all for Valentines Day and for every other day of the year too!

Recently I'd gone to look for Teacakes things, and I'd seen lots on Not on the High Street so I thought maybe Tunnocks didn't do official merchandise. I was a bit surprised then when I popped onto their website and they have loads of really cute things!

Little Caramel cufflinks, if your Mr has a weakness for these I think they're a must! Aren't they adorable? I honestly wish there were more shirts that required cufflinks.

The inside detail of the mug, isn't that adorable! Little teacakes!
Prepare yourselves for epic jealousy right now! 
Are you ready?


Check out my Tea Cake Beanie hat which is shaped like a tea cake wrapper! I've been wearing it constantly since it has been so cold.

Teacake beanie, I feel like I win at life!
Another of my cold weather items has been this little Caramel coffee travel mug, it's huge as well which is perfect for me.

Caramel travel coffee mug

I was thrilled when I spied this, lovely vintage retro design apron. My Mr has laughed at me trying to take pictures in it as I was baking but I thought I'd show it in action!

Love Teacakes Apron.
Here I am, camera at arms length mid whisk! I love it it's so cute, it's currently hanging on a peg in my kitchen helping me to retro the whole place up!

Oh and I wanted to add two of my favourite picks from the merchandise, I absolutely love this T-Shirt and Hooded Top, aren't they adorable! I love a hoodie for lounging around the house and walking the dog and I think that is just beyond cute! I might have to buy them!

Adorable right?

I love this design, the little half Teacake! 

So there you have it, get your retro valentines present orders in now, or just make you house adorably retro!

Check out their website at Tunnocks 

Much Love and Teacakes!


Claire Louise said...

lol I'm more of a snowball fan *runs for cover* Super cute gear, loving the wee hat :D

DawnieP said...

No judgement here, I love me a snowball! they just get crammed into my mouth though!

char said...

Oh I would really love a teacake now, but my office seems to be a snack-free zone at the moment (trying to lose weight!)

daisychain said...

I am amazed that these wonders exist. Want want want! xx

Taylor-Made Blog said...

Ahhh I love this post!!

My other half laughs because I give tunnocks tea cakes their full name!

They remind me of Christmas! LOVE!

fluff and fripperies said...

Adorable! Though I am more of a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer type of girl :)

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