Ain't Nobody Got Time For That : The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleansing

I hate cleansing.

There you go I said it. I hate cleansing. I don't have a Clarisonic, I don't double or triple cleanse, to be quite honest I resent even cleansing once. I do though. I resentfully cleanse every night before I go to bed, (most nights) and do you know why? Because I'm vain. I fear lines and spots and ageing I can avoid.

Now let me be honest here, I feel we're all friends, I was an avid make up wipe user. I still am sometimes I just cleanse afterwards  but even make up wipes for me were an improvement. In my teens and early/middle twenties I often went to bed with my make up still on. Granted I never wore much make up so it wasn't as bad as it should have been, but still make up wipes was me making progress. I know a lot of you are make up wipe users too.

Put them down. Hear me out.

I'm going to show you my favourite lazy cleansers. The things I use all the time because they do the job for me, they're the ones that give me the best results the most quickly. Lets be honest here, you want a clean face as quickly as possible, us lazy girls don't want to stand cleansing for hours, so these are my lazy favourites.

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser.

This is a lovely light creamy cleanser, it isn't heavy or gloopy. I like it because a little goes a long way. This is my second bottle in about a year, I think that's pretty good. It spreads very well and gives you a great clean.
What makes it great for lazy girls?
It leaves your skin really squeaky clean with one application. I often use it in the shower before bed and it's a 30 second process. Massage over skin and neck then under the water jet and off it comes. My skin is usually squeaking with how clean it is. There's no residue it just feels clean. No messing around, no weird smells, no gunk or difficulty removing it, just clean. Perfect for lazy girls.

Pukka Ayurveda Gentle Cleanser

I like this cleanser because it's very virtuous, rosewater and green tea. There's no bad chemicals in there, it just balances out your skin and is very gentle to it. I find I use this when my skin is feeling a little bit annoyed, it is my go to when my skin is dry or unhappy.
What makes it great for lazy girls?
It's really soothing and balancing and with one cleanser you can rebalance your skin without any fuss. It's also great for congested skin. I like using it when I need a gentle cleanse.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

This is one of the staples in my bathroom, when I worked for Clarins this wasn't out but my mum got me hooked on this. She doesn't believe in cleansing so she passed it over to me, I know, I know but her skin is ridiculously good, who am I to criticise? I firmly believe there's some voodoo happening with this stuff. It's a gel when it comes out, then it turns into an oil on the skin and then when water hits it becomes a milk. Madness.
What makes it great for lazy girls?
You put it on dry skin. No pre-wetting, perfect for us lazies. I go into my bathroom, make up on, tie back my hair. This goes straight onto my skin I massage the oil into my face making sure I get it over all the areas. Then as simple as that I just splash it off with water in the sink. The milk is helpful because you can see if you have missed any areas. I don't do the cotton pad rubbing process, mainly because cotton wool makes my skin crawl. Also who has time for that? I love this because it leaves my skin really clean and fresh and ready for my night cream. I also like the oil texture as my skin edges on the side of dry and I feel like it's very gentle on my skin. You also don't need to use a lot as the texture spreads well over the skin. Fabulous.


The way I look at it, cleansing is good for your skin, do what makes it easier for you. There's no point me using something that takes forever as I just won't do it. It's better to cleanse once with a great cleanser than try and start a double cleansing routine that you won't do. In your twenties your main focus should be sun protection, moisturising and taking your make up off properly. It doesn't have to be a whole faff, we've talked about SPF in our foundation, we've talked about whacking on moisturiser before make up in the morning and now just a quick lazy girls cleansing routine and that's it.

I'm now moving into territory where I'm very focused on anti ageing, avoiding lines and wrinkles. The philosophy is still the same though, look after your skin now, you'll have an easier time as you get older. Don't be told what you have to do, do what suits your time.

Long live the lazy girls!

Much Love 

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